Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 197
Medical Treatment Facility Licenses

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August 28, 2013

197.010. Citation of law.
197.020. Definitions.
197.030. Purposes of law.
197.032. Hospitals and medical personnel may refuse abortions--no denial
of public benefits for such refusal--civil action, when.
197.040. License for hospital required.
197.050. Application for license, contents--fee.
197.052. Adjacent property, hospital may revise premises of campus for
licensure purposes.
197.060. License to issue, when--annual renewal--not transferable.
197.070. Denial, suspension or revocation of license.
197.071. Review by administrative hearing commission.
197.080. Rules, procedure--regulations and standards--review and revision of
regulations--rulemaking authority.
197.090. Existing hospitals to be allowed time to meet standards.
197.100. Inspections by department of health and senior services required,
reports from certain other agencies accepted, when--department to
determine life, safety, and building codes.
197.105. Investigation of complaints, department to post on website, content.
197.120. Operating hospital without license a misdemeanor--proceedings
to restrain.
197.121. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
197.150. Procedures for compliance, requirements.
197.152. Protection for reporting infection control concerns, reporting
required--authority of infection control officers, review of
orders--good faith reporting of infection control concerns
197.154. Regulation review and update required, standards.
197.156. Definition of nosocomial infection outbreaks.
197.158. Complaint procedure to be provided to patients.
197.160. Infection data to be available to department of health and senior
services, violation, effect, state payments suspended, when.
197.162. Infection control practices to be considered in licensure process,
annual report required.
197.165. Infection control advisory panel appointed--members--expenses,
fund created.
197.200. Definitions.
197.205. License required to operate.
197.210. Application, form of--fee, exception.
197.215. License to issue, when--transfer or assignment of license,
when--display required.
197.220. Denial, suspension or revocation of license.
197.221. Review of license denial or revocation by administrative
hearing commission.
197.225. Department of health and senior services may promulgate regulations.
197.230. Department may inspect and investigate--delegation of such
authority authorized, when.
197.235. Failure to have license a misdemeanor--attorney general to act
for department--advertising, cannot imply state operation, fine.
197.240. Accident and health insurers to cover care in an ambulatory surgical
center, exceptions.
197.250. Definitions.
197.252. Certificate required--standards.
197.254. Application for certificate--fee, how determined--temporary
permit--survey and approval--posting of certificate--branch
197.256. Renewal, when required, form, fee--survey, approval, renewal of
certificate--certificate not renewed is void--statistical reports
197.258. Department authorized to make surveys, when required--visiting of
homes--survey of other governmental agency, requirements--reciprocal
agreements with bordering states--maintenance of branch office in
Missouri required, when.
197.260. Report of compliance, service--disclosure of reports,
confidentiality of information.
197.262. Denial of application, grounds--review.
197.264. Client's bill of rights, contents--discharge planning, contents.
197.266. Abuse and neglect, penalty.
197.268. Complaints, grounds, review.
197.270. Promulgation of rules, procedure.
197.272. State hospice advisory council established--members,
qualifications--appointment, terms,
197.274. Action to enjoin violations, where filed.
197.276. Violations, penalty.
197.278. Department responsibility for inspection and certification.
197.280. Order authorizing entry for survey, grounds for.
197.285. Protections for hospital and ambulatory surgical center employees for
certain disclosures--written policy required--procedures for
disclosure--anonymous reports.
197.287. Training programs related to quality of patient care and safety
required--standards developed by department of health and senior
197.289. Adequate nurse staffing, methodology required, minimum requirements.
197.291. Technical advisory committee on quality of patient care and nursing
practices established, members, appointment, duties.
197.293. Licensure regulations, standards used by the department of health and
senior services for enforcement.
197.294. Use of certain information to establish standard of care
prohibited in private civil actions.
197.295. Licensure enforcement, appeals, procedure.
197.297. Rulemaking authority, department of health and senior services.
197.300. Citation of law.
197.305. Definitions.
197.310. Review committee, members, terms, compensation, duties.
197.311. Political contributions to committee members by applicants prohibited.
197.312. Certificate of need not required for St. Louis residential care
facilities and assisted living facilities--certain other
facilities, certificate not required.
197.314. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
197.315. Certificate of need granted, when--forfeiture, grounds--application
for certificate, fee--certificate not required, when.
197.316. Certificate of need not required for nursing homes treating only
AIDS patients--violations, penalty.
197.317. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
197.318. Licensed and available, defined--review of letters of
intent--application of law in pending court cases--expansion
197.320. Rules and regulations.
197.325. Submission of applications.
197.326. Lobbyist and interest registration required, when, contents,
penalty--general assembly member prohibited from accepting
contributions, when--certain persons may not offer gifts, when,
197.327. Certificate issued for additional beds for Medicaid patients, use for
nonMedicaid patients, penalty--procedure to collect.
197.330. Duties of review committee.
197.335. Appeals, venue.
197.340. Notices to committee.
197.345. Actions taken prior to October 1, 1980, not affected.
197.355. Certificate required before funds may be appropriated.
197.357. Reimbursement for project cost-overrun in excess of ten percent,
eligible when--requirements.
197.366. Health care facilities defined.
197.367. Licensed bed limitation imposed, when.
197.400. Definitions.
197.405. Home health agencies, license required.
197.410. Application for license, fee.
197.415. License issued or renewed, requirements.
197.416. Out-of-state applicants for licensure, compliance history may be
197.420. License not transferable or assignable on sale or transfer of
ownership--new application, requirement--temporary license, when.
197.425. Survey inspections by department, when.
197.430. Report on survey, list of deficiencies, content--plan of correction
filed with department--resurvey and administrative review procedure.
197.435. Complaint procedure.
197.440. Refusal to issue, suspension or revocation of license, grounds--right
to administrative review.
197.445. Rules and regulations, procedure.
197.450. Home health services advisory council--members--terms,
197.455. Injunctions, venue.
197.460. Exempt persons and religious organizations.
197.465. Funds to be deposited in general revenue.
197.470. Reports or investigations open to public, exception--requests for
material, procedure, fee.
197.475. Violations, penalty.
197.477. Reports of inspections by department of health and senior services
may be available to public, when--certain information to
remain confidential.
197.478. Home health agency information to be provided on department internet
197.480. In-home health care providers, transfer of assets or bequests,
rebuttable presumption of undue influence, when.
197.500. Employee disqualification list to be maintained.
197.700. Medical staff membership to be considered on individual basis,
discrimination prohibited.
197.705. Health care facilities personnel required to wear identification
badges, when.
197.725. (Repealed L. 2003 S.B. 556 & 311 A)

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