Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 205
County Health and Welfare Programs

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August 28, 2013

205.010. Petition of voters--maximum tax rate--submission of question.
205.020. Form of ballot--vote necessary to adopt.
205.031. Trustees, qualifications--appointment, election, terms--certain
fourth class city, officers to be elected for four years (Raytown).
205.041. Trustees, election, ballot--vacancies, how filled.
205.042. Trustees--organization--powers and duties--expenses.
205.050. Purpose of health center.
205.060. Limitations on use of facilities.
205.070. Center may accept gifts.
205.080. Building plans--bids.
205.090. Report to county commission--estimated budget.
205.100. Director of public health center--appointment.
205.110. Qualifications of employees.
205.115. Retirement and insurance plans to be provided for administrators and
employees of county health center--costs, how paid--duties of board
of trustees.
205.120. No discrimination in healing methods.
205.141. Tax levy noncharter first class counties, exception.
205.150. Determination of tax levy (first class counties).
205.160. Establishment and maintenance of hospitals--bonds.
205.161. County commission may issue revenue bonds--purpose--how payable.
205.162. Bonds, rate, denomination, maturity--negotiable.
205.169. Bonds, form and covenants to be made by county commission--rights
of holders--provisions not exclusive.
205.170. Board of trustees--tenure--vacancies.
205.180. Election of trustees, when required--ballot.
205.190. Organization of board of trustees--regulations--duties--operation or
leasing of hospital, powers--day care centers for employees'
children, may establish.
205.192. Retirement, health, life and employment insurance may be part of
compensation, when.
205.195. Bylaws of board of trustees, contents--applications to
practice, contents.
205.200. Funds from special tax levy or from operation of hospital may be used
for hospital construction, maintenance and additions--publication
of board's plans required, when.
205.202. Certain districts may impose sales tax instead of property tax--vote
required--fund created, use of moneys (Ripley County).
205.205. Hospital district sales tax authorized (Iron and Madison
counties)--approval by voters--fund created, use of
moneys--repeal of tax, procedure.
205.210. Hospital tax levy (first class charter counties).
205.220. Determination of tax levy (first class counties).
205.230. Appropriation of general fund, when.
205.240. Property condemned, when.
205.250. Specifications--bids--notice.
205.260. Jurisdiction of towns.
205.270. Beneficiaries of hospital.
205.280. Board to prescribe rules.
205.290. Title to donations.
205.300. Equal privileges to practitioners--rights of patient.
205.310. Training school for nurses.
205.320. Board to provide detention room.
205.330. Board to determine charity patients.
205.340. Tuberculous residents, how cared for.
205.350. County commission may purchase land for county hospitals--issuance
of bonds.
205.354. Sale of county hospitals, certain second class counties--election
procedure--ballot form (Boone County).
205.360. County poor to be kept in county hospital.
205.370. County commission to make rules and regulations--expenses,
how paid.
205.371. Revenue bonds authorized, when--not an indebtedness of the
issuing authority.
205.372. Revenue bonds, form of, interest rate, maximum maturity date--to be
negotiable instruments.
205.373. County commission or board to prescribe form, make necessary
covenants, restrictions--bondholders, remedies of--revenue bonds
not to be exclusive method of financing.
205.374. County hospital property, sale of, procedure for, receipts, how
205.375. Nursing homes, county or township may acquire and erect--issuance of
bonds, exceptions--leasing of homes, to whom.
205.376. Nursing homes, county-owned, conveyance to nursing home
district--procedure, consideration.
205.378. Inmates of public institutions to pay for care--exceptions--county
may collect, how--first class counties.
205.379. Authority to employ counsel granted--counsel, how paid.
205.380. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.390. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.400. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.410. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.420. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.430. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.440. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.450. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.460. Tax for hospital purposes--petition for election.
205.470. County commission to appoint board of trustees.
205.480. Vacancies, how filled.
205.490. Members shall elect officers, adopt bylaws--quorum.
205.500. Treasurer to give bond.
205.510. Secretary--salary--duties--compensation of treasurer.
205.520. Board to control expenditures--employ help.
205.530. Meeting of board--report.
205.540. Bequests and donations accepted by trustees.
205.550. Special taxes for hospital collected as township taxes.
205.560. Discontinuance of tax, when--disposition of property.
205.563. Property tax for rural health clinic--ballot language--revenue, use of
moneys (City of Centerview)
205.565. Grants for caring communities programs.
205.580. County to support poor.
205.590. Who deemed poor.
205.600. Who deemed an inhabitant.
205.610. County commission to provide support of poor.
205.620. Court shall use its discretion.
205.630. Shall allow funeral expenses.
205.640. May purchase or lease land.
205.650. May erect poorhouse on acquired land.
205.660. Commission shall make orders and rules.
205.670. Commissions shall set apart amounts for support of poor.
205.680. Support of poor--certain cities to contribute.
205.690. Appointment of superintendent.
205.700. Superintendent to work inmates.
205.710. Removal of superintendent.
205.720. Superintendent to keep itemized accounts.
205.730. Accounts examined by commission--penalty.
205.740. Money paid into treasury.
205.750. Superintendent to give bond.
205.760. Not applicable to certain counties.
205.765. Health and welfare department authorized--certain counties
205.766. Commissioners of county commission to serve as commissioners
of health and welfare--duties.
205.767. Director of health and welfare, appointment, compensation,
205.769. Health inspection of eating establishments--license--fee--exceptions
to license requirement--operating without a license, penalty
(St. Charles County).
205.770. Social welfare board created--powers--second class county changing
class status--may keep board.
205.780. Additional powers of board--employees (second class counties).
205.790. Character of
(second class counties).
205.800. Board, organization (second class counties).
205.810. Treasurer--bond--duties (second class counties).
205.820. Board--records--reports (second class counties).
205.830. Board to furnish relief--investigations--prosecutions
(second class counties).
205.840. Board of police commissioners to aid social welfare board
(second class counties).
205.850. County superintendent of public welfare--appointment--general
powers (third and fourth class counties).
205.860. Compensation fixed by county commission
(third and fourth class counties).
205.870. Administration of funds for outdoor relief and needy mothers
(third and fourth class counties).
205.880. May be agent for department of social services
(third and fourth class counties).
205.890. Special attention of county superintendent to whom
(third and fourth class counties).
205.900. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
205.910. Cooperation with state employment bureaus (third and fourth class
205.920. May be deputized by inspection section as agent--powers,
authority (third and fourth class counties).
205.930. Investigation of poor, sick and delinquent (third and fourth class
205.940. Records of cases kept (third and fourth class counties).
205.950. Report of work and proceedings (third and fourth class counties).
205.960. Food stamp plan authorized--payments to be made only when
federal funds are available.
205.961. Family services division to regulate.
205.962. Division of family services to contract with counties--counties
not to participate without contract--expenses of program, how
205.963. Food stamps not to be distributed unless county has program,
205.964. Reimbursement to federal government, how made.
205.965. Federal regulations to be followed, inspections, audits--food stamp
vendors to be approved and licensed, fees--actions to restrain
violations, procedure--penalty--rulemaking procedure.
205.967. Public assistance benefits, defined--obtaining benefits
unlawfully, penalty--actions to recover.
205.968. Facilities authorized--persons to be served, limitations, definitions.
205.969. Sheltered workshop program rules and regulations--board may provide
residences or social centers.
205.970. Board of directors, appointment, qualifications, terms, officers,
powers and duties--vacancies and removal from office, procedure.
205.971. Tax levy, approval, use.
205.972. Maximum tax--ballot form.
205.973. Employers of workshop participants not liable for city head tax.
205.975. Definitions.
205.976. Department to establish service areas.
205.977. Tax authorized.
205.979. Election--notice--ballot form--how conducted.
205.980. Tax to be levied and collected, when--rate--deposit of
funds collected.
205.981. May contract for services--length of contract.
205.982. Joint cooperation authorized--submission of budget
requests--withdrawal from cooperative effort.
205.983. Joint financing, procedure--treasurer to be bonded.
205.984. Board of trustees
205.985. Existing facilities may be utilized.
205.986. Powers and duties of board of trustees.
205.987. Duties of department as to standards--to be met, when.
205.988. Additional duties of department.
205.989. Payment for services--services not to be denied for inability to pay.
205.990. Nonparticipating counties to pay for residents, when,
basis--determination of residence.

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