Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 214

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August 28, 2013

214.010. Local government may acquire and dispose of cemeteries within
boundaries--authority to regulate--penalties.
214.020. City may establish perpetual care cemetery fund--receive
gifts--limitation on use of income from fund.
214.030. Cemetery lots, conveyed by deed.
214.035. Conveyance of cemetery property to political subdivision, when--notice
of transfer.
214.040. Plots and records of cemeteries to be maintained, where--requirements.
214.041. Construction of roads prohibited in cemetery--exceptions.
214.050. Power to vacate streets vested in county commissions.
214.060. Petition to be presented to county commission--remonstrance may be
214.070. Terms defined.
214.080. Proceedings to enlarge.
214.090. Family burying grounds, how secured.
214.120. Costs, who liable for.
214.130. County commission and incorporated cemetery company to receive
grants and bequests in trust.
214.131. Tombstones, fences, destroying or mutilating in abandoned family or
private cemetery, penalty--abandoned or private burying ground,
214.132. Visiting abandoned family or private burying ground surrounded by
private property, right of access, when, enforcement by
sheriff--court's power to disinter.
214.140. Property placed in trust for benefit of cemeteries.
214.150. County commissions shall become trustees and custodians.
214.160. Shall invest or loan trust funds.
214.170. May designate responsible organization or individual to administer
the income.
214.180. Shall keep record of receipts and disbursements.
214.190. Cemetery not subject to execution, dower or partition--exception.
214.200. Title, how obtained to lands used for burial purposes.
214.205. Violation of nuisance ordinance--abandonment--action
authorized--costs--eminent domain.
214.208. Disinterment authorized, when--consent required, when--cemetery
owner not liable, when.
214.209. Abandonment of burial site, rights revert to cemetery.
214.210. Certain cities may accept or acquire cemetery lands.
214.220. Lands or shares subject to all vested rights.
214.230. City may acquire money or funds, how.
214.240. City may provide and enforce rules and regulations.
214.250. Proceedings to establish cemetery in first class counties--petition
by taxpayers.
214.260. Penalty for violation.
214.270. Definitions.
214.275. License, cemeteries--division's powers and duties--limitations.
214.276. Refusal to issue license--notice--hearing.
214.277. Injunctions, restraining orders, other court remedies
214.280. Election to operate as endowed care cemetery filing with division of
registration, form--fee--deposit of fee--division's powers and
duties--rules authorized.
214.282. Voidability of contracts, exceptions.
214.283. Notification of burial lands--registry of cemeteries to be kept by
division--fee may be charged for copies--surveyor locating
unregistered cemetery to file with division, form.
214.290. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1692, et al. A merged with H.B. 2226, et al.
A merged with S.B. 754 A)
214.300. Nonendowed cemetery may qualify as endowed, when--minimum care and
maintenance fund to be established.
214.310. Endowed care and maintenance fund, minimum amount--bond--posting of
sign, when, information required.
214.320. Deposits in fund required, amount--annual report, form furnished by
division--audits may be conducted, when--exemption from chapter
436 requirements, when.
214.325. Required deposits--deficiency--effect--penalty.
214.330. Endowed care fund held in trust or segregated
account--requirements--duties of trustee or independent
investment advisor--operator's duties--endowed care fund
214.335. Contributions to endowed care fund for memorial or
monument--deficiency, effect of.
214.340. Report required--content--oath--filing required.
214.345. Sale of cemetery plot--written statement to be given to
purchaser--copy of annual report to be available to public.
214.360. Private use of trust funds prohibited.
214.363. Bankruptcy, assignment for benefit of creditors, endowed care fund
214.365. Cemetery failing to provide maintenance--abandonment or ceasing to
operate, division's duties.
214.367. Sale of assets, notice required--prospective purchaser of endowed care
cemetery, right to recent audit--right to continue operation,
notification by division.
214.370. Nonendowed cemetery to post signs and give notice of its character.
214.380. Nonendowed section of endowed care cemetery--signs and notice.
214.385. Moving of grave marker, replacement--delivery of item of burial
214.387. Burial merchandise or services, deferral of delivery, when--escrow
arrangement--distribution of moneys--cancellation.
214.389. Suspension of distribution, when, procedure.
214.390. Existing cemeteries to operate under law--local law applicable.
214.392. Division of professional registration, duties and powers in regulation
of cemeteries--rulemaking authority.
214.400. Citation of law.
214.410. Violation of law, penalty.
214.450. Indian cemeteries, how established--trust fund authorized.
214.455. Destruction or defacing any cemetery property, penalty.
214.500. Cemeteries acquired by a city at tax sales or as nuisances may be
214.504. No liability for new cemetery operators, when--rights of holders of
contracts for burial.
214.508. Previous cemetery owner liable, when.
214.512. New cemetery owner not liable for deficiencies, exception.
214.516. Registration as an endowed care cemetery, when--compliance with
endowed care cemetery law required.
214.550. Scatter gardens, operation by churches maintaining religious
cemeteries--maintenance of garden and records, duty of operator.

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