Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 228
Establishment and Vacation of Roads

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August 28, 2013

228.010. Definitions.
228.020. Petition for establishing road.
228.030. Notice of application for road.
228.040. County commission required to open road, when.
228.050. Remonstrances--hearing--findings.
228.060. Survey of road by county highway engineer, when--report.
228.070. (Repealed L. 2006 S.B. 932 A)
228.080. Order to establish road, when.
228.090. Relinquishments, deeds, plats to be filed and recorded.
228.100. Condemnation proceedings, when.
228.110. Roads may be vacated, how.
228.120. Record of proceedings--judicial review.
228.130. No revocation of order establishing or vacating road--amendment
of order.
228.140. Roads on county lines established, how.
228.150. Districting and repair of new roads--owner of land given time to
yield possession--penalty for refusal.
228.160. Roads may be enclosed and route changed, when.
228.180. Condemnation of private property for public road--survey--claims
for damages--hearings--jury trial, when.
228.190. Roads legally established, when--deemed abandoned, when--roads deemed
public county roads, when.
228.341. Private road defined.
228.342. Establishment or widening of private road--strict necessity
defined--who may petition.
228.345. Maximum width--contents of petition.
228.348. Service of process, how issued--rules of civil procedure to
apply, when.
228.352. Nonjury hearing, purpose--court order, issued when.
228.355. Commissioners, how appointed--duties--compensation.
228.358. Report of commissioners, exceptions to, filed when--jury impaneled,
when--judgment, contents.
228.362. Use of road allowed, when--damages for use allowed, when--abandonment
of proceedings, effect.
228.365. Change of judge, venue.
228.368. Costs.
228.369. Maintenance, multiple user roads without written agreement, plan of
maintenance by court--apportionment of costs.
228.374. Amending or modifying agreements or plans of maintenance by recorded
agreement, when.

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