Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 270
Animals Restrained from Running at Large

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August 28, 2013

270.010. Domestic animals restrained from running at large.
270.020. When notice not necessary.
270.030. Appraisers may be appointed to assess damages.
270.040. Appraisers' oath--assessment proceedings.
270.050. Fees.
270.060. Lawful fence not necessary.
270.070. Animals may be driven along public highways.
270.170. Swine or sheep taken up--notice to owner--considered feral
hogs, when.
270.180. Proceedings before magistrate for sale--escheats.
270.190. Domestic geese to be restrained.
270.200. Prohibiting aged and deformed animals from running at large.
270.210. Stallions, mules and jackasses not to run at large, when--penalty.
270.230. May be killed, when.
270.240. Rams not to run at large, when.
270.250. Bulls, rams and boars may be castrated, when.
270.260. Release of swine to live in wild or feral state, penalties.
270.270. Russian or European wild boar or wild-caught swine, possessing or
transporting through public land without a permit, penalty.
270.400. Killing of feral hogs, permitted when--Russian or European wild boar
or wild-caught swine, fencing and health standards--animal health
fund created.

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