Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 274
Cooperative Marketing Associations

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August 28, 2013

274.010. Title of law.
274.020. Definitions.
274.030. Nonprofit cooperative associations--purposes--owners or operators of
a family farm or family farm corporation may engage in production
of livestock.
274.040. Members--qualifications--proxies--joint associations.
274.050. Membership certificate--liabilities--voting rights.
274.060. Powers of associations.
274.070. Articles of incorporation.
274.080. Articles of incorporation may be amended.
274.090. Bylaws of association.
274.100. Meetings of association.
274.110. Directors to manage affairs of association.
274.120. Officers elected by directors.
274.130. Officers and employees to give bonds.
274.140. Charges made in writing--removals, how made.
274.150. Decisions by directors referred to members, how.
274.160. Annual reports--contents.
274.170. Fee for filing incorporation papers--amendments.
274.180. Fees paid in lieu of other license or tax.
274.190. Previously organized associations may use provisions of this
274.200. Marketing contracts--provisions.
274.210. Marketing contracts--enforcement.
274.220. Membership in other corporations--functions.
274.230. Two or more associations may act jointly.
274.240. Association of other state may do business in state, when.
274.250. Use of words "nonprofit cooperative" prohibited.
274.260. Efforts to break contract a misdemeanor.
274.270. Soliciting breach of contract--liability.
274.280. Association not guilty of conspiracy, or illegal monopoly.
274.290. General corporation laws apply to association--exceptions.
274.300. Provisions of law in conflict not applicable--exemptions.
274.310. Services provided by department of agriculture to small family owned
agricultural producers or processors, cooperative marketing, market
development, information dissemination--annual report submitted to
general assembly, when.

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