Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 292
Health and Safety of Employees

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August 28, 2013

292.010. Notification of occupancy of factory.
292.020. Equipment to be guarded.
292.030. Safety guards.
292.040. Minor not to clean or work in certain places about machinery.
292.050. Openings to be guarded.
292.060. Fire escapes.
292.070. Doors to open outward, not to be bolted, when.
292.080. Explosives not to be placed near egress.
292.090. Scaffolding--warning to those near building.
292.110. Ventilation.
292.120. Prevention of dust, smoke and gas.
292.130. Director may order fan installed.
292.140. Overcrowding in factories prohibited.
292.150. Washrooms for women.
292.160. Separate water closets.
292.170. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
292.180. Health and safety of employees to be protected--director may seal
machinery, when.
292.190. All accidents to be reported.
292.200. Offenses.
292.210. Violation a misdemeanor--fines.
292.220. Proceedings against whom when violated by corporation.
292.230. Prosecution where violation of other laws.
292.240. Fines, where paid.
292.250. Duty of prosecuting attorney.
292.260. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
292.270. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
292.280. Inspection--duty and power of director of inspection section.
292.290. Penalty.
292.300. Employer to provide protection to employees from diseases.
292.310. Articles considered dangerous to health.
292.320. Employees to be furnished with clothing--respirators to be used
while at work.
292.330. Employees to be examined monthly by physician.
292.340. Physician to make report to department of health and senior
services--penalty for failure.
292.350. Duty of director of department of health and senior services.
292.360. Employer to provide dressing rooms, lavatories.
292.370. Drinking fountains, ice water, to be provided employees.
292.380. Workrooms to be kept in sanitary condition.
292.390. Prevention of dust.
292.400. Hoppers, chutes, to be provided with covering.
292.410. Duty of director of inspection section.
292.420. Notices to be posted in rooms--to contain what.
292.430. Penalty for violation.
292.440. Employer defined.
292.450. Applicability of sections 292.450 to 292.540.
292.460. Outside ladder not to be used, when.
292.470. Stairways to be kept lighted when in use.
292.480. To provide protection for persons engaged in building.
292.490. Must build proper supports--when.
292.500. Duty of contractors and owners.
292.510. Shafts or openings to be enclosed--railroads excepted.
292.520. Director to enforce provisions.
292.530. Violation--penalty.
292.540. Director to make inspection.
292.550. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
292.560. Sale of tenement-made articles prohibited.
292.570. Penalty.
292.600. Definitions.
292.602. Missouri emergency response commission
qualifications--terms--vacancies--removal for cause--expenses,
powers and duties.
292.604. Funding of commission--distribution of funds.
292.605. Employer to furnish certain information, to whom, form--on-site
inspections, when--updating of information, when--information made
available to public, by whom, fee.
292.606. Fees, certain employers, how much, due when, late
penalty--deductions--excess credited when--agencies receiving
funds, duties--use of funds, commission to establish criteria.
292.607. Chemical emergency preparedness fund established--reversion to
general revenue, prohibited.
292.610. Employer's trade secrets, department to protect--disclosure of by
public employees and officers, penalty.
292.613. Rules and regulations, department to promulgate--procedure.
292.615. Violations, attorney general to bring action--jurisdiction, circuit
court--penalties, limit, payable to general revenue--civil actions,
by whom, why, commission approval--actions against local committee,
by whom, why--access for investigation, procedure.
292.617. Explosive or blasting agents, temporary storage--notification of local
fire department and certain others--content of report,
exceptions--visible markings on buildings, rooms and containers,
requirements, exceptions--motor vehicles, rolling stock and
airplanes, markings by federal government.
292.623. Immunity from liability for official actions by members of commission
and local emergency planning committee, exceptions.
292.625. Additional duties of department.
292.630. Portable toilets required at certain construction projects.
292.650. Hepatitis B immunization for at-risk state employees--departments
to determine, duties.
292.655. Definitions--needles used by employers in conduct of business, any
commercially available may be used.
292.656. Medical needles, employer use of OSHA- or FDA-approved devices
292.675. Definitions--on-site training required--workers to maintain
documentation of completion of training--resolution or ordinance
required--violations, penalty--rulemaking authority.

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