Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 294
Child Labor

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August 28, 2013

294.005. Purpose of chapter.
294.008. Administration of chapter.
294.011. Definitions.
294.021. Minors under fourteen not to be employed, exception.
294.022. Employment in entertainment industry, definitions,
294.024. Employment of children, work certificate required.
294.027. Work certificates permit minors to work, when.
294.030. Hours of work for minors.
294.040. Minors under sixteen not to work in certain occupations.
294.043. Employment in street occupation prohibited, exceptions.
294.045. Superintendent of schools to issue work certificates.
294.051. Work certificate issued, when--evidence required for issuance.
294.054. Contents and form of work certificates.
294.060. Work certificates or work permits transmitted to employer,
return to officer, reissue, record.
294.070. Work certificate forms furnished by state commissioner of
education--no fee.
294.080. Work certificate as evidence of age.
294.090. Director of division of labor standards to enforce--rights,
duties--record keeping required--cancellation of work certificate
or work permit.
294.095. Employers to comply with section 213.055.
294.100. Presence of minor as evidence of employment.
294.110. Penalties for violations.
294.121. Administrative penalties, civil damages, grounds, duties of director,
notice, judicial review.
294.131. Child labor enforcement fund.
294.141. Notice of transmissions by division.
294.150. Rulemaking authority, procedure.

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