Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 305
Aircraft and Airports

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August 28, 2013

305.010. Definitions.
305.020. Ownership of space.
305.030. Lawful flight--unlawful landing.
305.040. Liability of aircraft owner determined by tort law.
305.050. Laws of state to govern.
305.060. Contractual and other relations entered while in flight, effect of.
305.070. Uniform construction and interpretation of law.
305.080. Certain acts a misdemeanor.
305.090. Tampering with aircraft--penalty.
305.100. Tampering with airport a misdemeanor.
305.110. Leaving aircraft running--penalty.
305.120. Definitions.
305.130. Unlawful to operate without an airman certificate and certificate of
305.140. Airman certificate to be kept in personal possession.
305.150. Exceptions to license requirements.
305.160. Violation of law a misdemeanor.
305.170. Operation of airports by cities.
305.180. Operation of airports by counties.
305.190. Declaration of acquisition of land a public necessity.
305.200. Acquisition of property--definition--issuance of bonds.
305.205. Revenue bonds authorized, first class counties.
305.210. Manner of operating airports--fees.
305.220. Authority to appropriate money.
305.230. Aeronautics program, highways and transportation commission to
administer--purposes--aviation trust fund, administration,
uses--appropriation--immediate availability of funds in the event
of a disaster.
305.233. Technical advice, who shall give--approved airport design maintained.
305.234. Department of transportation to provide assistance, when.
305.237. Transportation department to accept federal and other moneys for air
305.238. Political subdivision funding air facilities with federal grants may
request department to act as agent--laws and rules governing.
305.239. Contracts for air facilities with federal funding, laws and rules
305.240. Establishment of air facilities in adjoining state.
305.250. Adjoining state may establish air facilities.
305.260. Rights and privileges of adjoining state.
305.270. Dependent upon reciprocity by adjoining state.
305.295. Establishment of an airport authority by an eligible entity,
305.300. County airport authority, procedure to establish.
305.304. Boards of directors--number of members, terms--election--election not
required when--certain exceptions, St. Charles
County--expenses--meetings--officers, terms.
305.307. Powers of board--condemnation authorized.
305.310. Additional powers, competitive bids required, when--approval by
authority of all transactions.
305.312. Additional powers of authority.
305.315. Bond issues authorized--interest rate--price of bonds--required
provisions--refunding bonds, requirements.
305.317. Bond issues, procedure to authorize--limitations--resolution
305.320. Security for bonds deposited in separate fund--purpose--subsequent
resolutions, effect--surplus funds, authorized disbursement.
305.325. Debts and obligations of authority not debts of state.
305.330. Property of authority exempt from state taxes.
305.333. Tax levy--rate--procedure to adopt--election, when--ballot form--use
of revenue.
305.400. Definitions (Greene County).
305.405. Zoning regulations (Greene County).
305.410. Annexation of land within airport zone prohibited,
exceptions--enforcement authority--board of adjustment authorized
(Greene County).
305.500. Short title.
305.505. Definitions.
305.510. Authority established--state aid to terminate June 30, 1983.
305.515. Members of authority, how appointed, terms, qualifications,
compensation, oath, bond.
305.520. General powers of authority.
305.525. Contractual and regulatory powers of authority.
305.530. Bonds, issue authorized, denominations, sale--refunding bonds.
305.535. Bonds, issue procedure--resolution to issue may contain.
305.540. Excess revenue, how used.
305.545. Authority may expand--certain Illinois counties may be included,
when--effect of.
305.550. Additional powers of authority.
305.555. Authority property exempt from tax.
305.560. Authority not authorized to obligate state or political subdivision.
305.565. Bonds, who may invest in.
305.570. Authority airports to be individually considered.
305.575. Airport hazards, zoning--zoning committee--regulations,
305.580. Noise zoning--major airport land use zoning committee--regulation,
variances, procedures.
305.585. Authority to repay state for state general revenue funds used.
305.600. Displacing agencies defined--compliance with federal regulations.
305.603. Certain aid for displaced persons.
305.606. Acquisition costs for dwelling--interest and debt service
costs--title, closing costs--eligibility--mortgage.
305.609. Dwelling costs--eligibility--payment amount.
305.612. Programs undertaken by displacing agency--relocation assistance
advisory services--eligibility.
305.615. Head of displacing agency may provide dwellings--comparable
replacement housing.
305.618. Administrative appeals--written process.
305.621. Benefits not additional.
305.624. Financial and emotional costs--search for new housing.
305.627. Clearing, seeding, and mowing of acquired property.
305.630. Noise mitigation--requirements--roads, relocation of highways--effect
of plan on floodplain.

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