Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 322
Protection Against Rabies

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August 28, 2013

322.010. Definitions.
322.020. Dogs prohibited from running at large, when.
322.030. Duty of owner or person in charge to kill dog or have immunized.
322.040. Quarantine order to be issued by mayor--to be published and posted.
322.050. County commission or presiding commissioner empowered to act.
322.060. Duty of officials to kill dogs--exceptions.
322.070. Expenses to be paid, how--fees.
322.080. Violation of law a misdemeanor--penalty.
322.090. County commission empowered to adopt rules and regulations.
322.100. County health commissioner shall prepare regulations and hold hearing.
322.110. Law not applicable to municipalities, when.
322.120. Applicability of law.
322.125. Control of dogs in certain counties, how adopted.
322.130. Penalty for violation.
322.140. Animal bite, report to county health department in absence of county
rules--investigation of report--responsibility of owner--rulemaking
322.145. Liability of owner for animal bite.

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