Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 331

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August 28, 2013

331.010. Practice of chiropractic, definition.
331.020. Construing terms of this chapter.
331.030. Application for license, requirements, fees--reciprocity--rulemaking,
331.032. Temporary license issued, when.
331.040. Subject to state and municipal regulations.
331.045. Insurance peer review committee members exempt from damage suit, when.
331.050. License, renewal, requirements, fee--license lapse, reinstatement
procedure--inactive license status, procedure.
331.060. Denial, revocation or suspension of certificate, grounds for--time
penalties do not run if person being penalized does not keep board
furnished with certain information.
331.070. Fees, how set, collection and disposition--board fund established,
transferred to general revenue, when--salaries and expenses, how paid.
331.080. Violation of chapter a misdemeanor--penalty.
331.085. Board may request injunction, restraining order or other court order,
when, procedure.
331.090. State board of chiropractic examiners
331.100. Organization of board--duty of officers--compensation,
powers--meetings--liability for official acts.
331.110. Patient records required to be maintained, contents--corrections
to records, procedure--obtaining records, procedure.
331.115. Missouri license not required, when.

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