Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 333
Embalmers and Funeral Directors

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August 28, 2013

333.011. Definitions.
333.021. Unlicensed person not to engage in practice of embalming or
funeral directing.
333.031. Application for license--fees--examination.
333.041. Qualifications of applicants--examinations--licenses--board may waive
requirements in certain cases.
333.042. Application and examination fees for funeral directors, apprenticeship
requirements--examination content for applicants--apprenticeship
duties--appearance before board--limited license only for
cremation--exemptions from apprenticeship.
333.051. Recognition of persons licensed in other states--fees.
333.061. No funeral establishment to be operated by unlicensed person--license
requirements, application procedure--license may be suspended or
revoked or not renewed.
333.071. Business to be conducted where.
333.081. License renewal, fee--failure to renew, effect--business
address required.
333.091. License to be displayed.
333.101. Places of business may be inspected.
333.111. Rules and regulations of board, procedure--fees, how set.
333.121. (Repealed L. 2009 S.B. 1 A)
333.145. Written statement of charges, required when, content--merchandise
prices to be indicated.
333.151. Board members--qualifications--terms--vacancies.
333.161. Board members to take oath.
333.171. Board meetings--notice--seal.
333.181. Officers of board.
333.201. Examinations, notice, published, when.
333.221. Compensation of board members--board may employ personnel.
333.231. Fund created, use, funds transferred to general revenue, when.
333.241. (Repealed L. 2009 S.B. 1 A)
333.251. Application of law.
333.261. Violations are misdemeanors.
333.310. Applicability of law.
333.315. Provider license required--application procedure--renewal of
licensure--expiration of license.
333.320. Seller license required--application procedure--renewal of
licensure--expiration of license.
333.325. Registration as a preneed agent required--application
procedure--renewal of registration--expiration of registration.
333.330. Refusal of registration, when--complaint procedure--injunctive relief
authorized, when--reapplication after revocation, when.
333.335. Injunctive relief authorized, when.
333.340. Rulemaking authority--fees.

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