Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 335

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August 28, 2013

335.011. Short title.
335.016. Definitions.
335.017. Intravenous fluids, administration requirements for practical nurses.
335.019. Certificate of controlled substance prescriptive authority, issued
335.021. Board of nursing--members' qualifications, appointments, how made.
335.026. Oath of office, removal from board, when--meetings, when held,
quorum--compensation and expenses.
335.031. Immunity of board members performing official duties.
335.036. Duties of board--fees set, how--fund, source, use, funds transferred
from, when--rulemaking.
335.046. License, application for--qualifications for, fee--hearing on denial
of license.
335.051. Reciprocity--license without examination, temporary license, when.
335.056. Renewal of license, when due, fee--unlicensed practice prohibited.
335.061. Reinstatement of license, when--inactive status, board may provide
335.066. Denial, revocation, or suspension of license, grounds for, civil
immunity for providing information--complaint procedures.
335.067. Impaired nurse program may be established by the board--purpose of
program--contracts--immunity from liability,
when--confidentiality of records.
335.068. Complaints to be sealed records, when.
335.071. Nursing schools, standards for approval, fees--noncompliance,
effect of.
335.075. Verification of licensure prior to hiring.
335.076. Titles, R.N., L.P.N., and APRN, who may use.
335.081. Exempted practices and practitioners.
335.086. Use of fraudulent credentials prohibited.
335.096. Penalty for violation.
335.097. Board of nursing, powers, enforcement.
335.099. Licensed practical nurse, additional authorized acts.
335.175. Utilization of telehealth by nurses established--definition of
telehealth--rulemaking authority--sunset provision.
335.200. Nurse education incentive grants--definitions.
335.203. Nursing education incentive program established--grants authorized,
limit, eligibility--administration--rulemaking authority.
335.206. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 223 & 231 A merged with S.B. 325 A)
335.209. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 223 & 231 A merged with S.B. 325 A)
335.212. Definitions.
335.215. Department of health and senior services to administer
programs--advisory panel--members--rules, procedure.
335.218. Nurse loan repayment fund established--administration.
335.221. Education surcharge, amount, deposit in nursing student loan and
nurse loan repayment fund.
335.224. Contracts for repayment of loans.
335.227. Eligibility for loan.
335.230. Financial assistance, amount.
335.233. Schedule for repayment of loan--interest, amount.
335.236. Repayment of loan--when.
335.239. Deferral of repayment of loans--when.
335.242. Action to recover loans due.
335.245. Definitions.
335.248. Department of health and senior services to administer
program--rules and regulations.
335.251. Loan repayment contract--qualified employment--recovery of amounts
335.254. Law not to require certain contracts.
335.257. Verification of qualified employment.
335.300. Findings and declaration of purpose.
335.305. Definitions.
335.310. General provisions and jurisdiction.
335.315. Applications for licensure in a party state.
335.320. Adverse actions.
335.325. Additional authorities invested in party state nurse licensing boards.
335.330. Coordinated licensure information system.
335.335. Compact administration and interchange of information.
335.340. Immunity.
335.345. Entry into force, withdrawal and amendment.
335.350. Construction and severability.
335.355. Applicability of compact.

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