Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 353
Urban Redevelopment Corporations Law

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August 28, 2013

353.010. Citation of chapter.
353.020. Definitions.
353.030. Organization of corporation--contents of articles of agreement.
353.040. Life insurance company operating as urban redevelopment
corporation--limitation on earnings--disposition of surplus.
353.050. Use of word "redevelopment" prohibited--exceptions.
353.060. Urban redevelopment corporation may operate one or more development
projects--powers, public hearing required, when.
353.070. General corporation laws unless conflicting apply.
353.080. Notice of meetings to holders of income debentures.
353.090. Maintain reserves for specific purposes.
353.100. When corporation may pay interest on its income debentures or
dividends on its stock.
353.110. Real property exempt from taxation--limitation.
353.120. Transfer by fiduciaries and public agencies of real property to a
redevelopment corporation.
353.130. Redevelopment corporation may acquire property.
353.140. Occupancy of property acquired by corporation by previous
353.150. Borrowing of money and giving of security by corporation.
353.160. May accept grants or loans from the United States government.
353.170. City may acquire, clear, convey or lease property for use in
redevelopment project.
353.180. Any corporation may purchase shares of stock of urban redevelopment
353.190. Real property tax abatement not to apply, excursion gambling boats.

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