Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 356
Professional Corporations

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August 28, 2013

356.011. Citation of law.
356.012. Filing of statement or document represents belief that statements
are true and correct.
356.021. Definitions.
356.031. General and business corporation law applicable--exceptions.
356.041. Incorporators--articles of incorporation, amendments--licensing
authorities to issue certificates, promulgation of rules setting
356.051. Purposes.
356.061. Powers.
356.071. Regulating name of corporation.
356.081. Corporation may render professional services, how.
356.091. Directors and officers, who may be.
356.101. Corporation may purchase own shares, when.
356.111. Shares, who may hold, transferred how.
356.121. Proxies and voting trusts, valid when.
356.131. Securities law not applicable, exception.
356.141. Disqualifying event, corporation may purchase its own shares,
356.151. Disqualifying event, effect.
356.161. Rights and obligations of unqualified persons acquiring shares by
356.171. Liability for negligent or wrongful acts or omissions.
356.181. Privileged communications.
356.191. Law not to be construed to restrict licensing authorities--additional
356.201. Election to function as general and business corporation--how
made--dissenting shareholder's rights.
356.211. Registration report--filed when, contents--form--fee--penalties for
failure to file or making false declarations.
356.221. Merger or consolidation with another corporation, when.
356.222. (Transferred 1992; now 351.606)
356.231. Certificates of authority, required, exceptions--foreign
corporations may be granted certificates of authority,
356.233. Additional fee--expiration date.
356.241. Foreign professional corporations, application for certificate
of authority, contents.
356.251. Forfeiture of corporate rights, when--duties of licensing
356.261. Application of law.

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