Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 365
Motor Vehicle Time Sales

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August 28, 2013

365.010. Citation of law.
365.020. Definitions.
365.030. Sales finance company, license
365.040. License denied or suspended--grounds--hearing and review.
365.050. Director may examine persons, inspect records--complaints of
365.060. Rules and regulations, procedure--subpoenas, enforced how.
365.070. Retail installment contracts to be in writing--form, contents.
365.080. Insurance included in retail installment transactions--restrictions.
365.090. Transfer of equity in motor vehicle--fee.
365.100. Late payment charges, interest on delinquent payments, attorney
fees--dishonored or insufficient funds fee.
365.110. Blank spaces in contract prohibited--exceptions.
365.120. Time price differential, computed how.
365.125. Rates, parties may agree to a rate, restrictions.
365.130. Assignment of contract--refinance charge, computed how--extension
or deferral of due dates, when.
365.140. Prepayment of debt under retail installment contract--refund, how
365.145. Default--discrimination, law applicable to retail installment
365.150. Violation a misdemeanor--penalty--recovery barred--correction of
violation, effect.
365.160. Waiver unenforceable.
365.200. Additional time sale contracts.

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