Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 367
Pawnbrokers and Small Loans

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August 28, 2013

367.011. Definitions.
367.021. Secured personal credit loans--who may make--interest rate.
367.031. Receipt for pledged property--contents--definitions--third-party
charge for database--access to database information,
limitations--error in data, procedure--loss of pawn ticket, effect.
367.040. Loans due, when--return of collateral, when--restrictions.
367.043. License required--qualifications--oath--bond--accounting--location
within one-half mile of excursion gambling boat or facility,
prohibited, when.
367.044. Definitions--pledged goods for money, pawnbroker entitled only to
goods pledged, exception, misappropriated goods--procedure to recover.
367.045. Customer failure to repay pawnbroker when notified that goods pledged
or sold were misappropriated, penalty.
367.046. Procedure to reclaim purchase price of misappropriated goods.
367.047. Hold order in effect, pawnbroker may release property to peace
officer, not waiver of property rights--sale of property under hold
order prohibited.
367.048. Criminal charges filed and disposition of case, notice to pawnbroker,
duty of prosecutor or circuit attorney--release of hold order,
367.049. No criminal or civil liability for pawnbroker exercising due care
and good faith.
367.050. Violation, penalties.
367.051. Jurisdiction of state courts for all civil actions--nonresident to
appoint secretary of state as agent for service.
367.052. Leased property, rental or installment contracts not misappropriated
unless marked--defacing marks, effect--claimant may
recover--pawnbroker not liable.
367.053. Titles, licenses and permits for pledged goods to remain in effect,
void when--ownership passing to pawnbroker, right to retitle or
367.055. Inspection of property, search warrant required--hold order, probable
cause, contents, expiration--confidentiality.
367.060. Sections 367.011 to 367.060 not to repeal or amend small loan laws.
367.100. Definitions.
367.110. Certificate of registration required, when.
367.120. Certificate of registration--application for.
367.130. Bond--amount--conditions--additional bond, when.
367.140. Annual registration--fee, amount--certificates, issuance, display.
367.150. Annual report--contents.
367.160. Examination of lenders--authority of director--lender to pay costs,
367.170. Regulations--authority of director--insurance--premiums deemed not to
be charges.
367.180. Lender to keep records.
367.185. Loan solicitation, disclosures.
367.190. Certificates of registration--suspension, revocation,
367.200. Violations--penalty.
367.205. Annual audit by certified public accountant required.
367.210. Audit report to director of finance, when.
367.215. Failure to file audit report, effect of--surety bond posted, when.
367.300. Definitions.
367.305. Advance fee prohibited, penalty.
367.307. Principal liable.
367.310. Violations deemed unlawful practice, penalty--attorney general,
powers--penalties not exclusive--other rights not affected.
367.500. Definitions.
367.503. Allows division of finance to regulate lending on titled property.
367.506. Licensure of title lenders, penalty.
367.509. Qualifications of applicants, fee, license issued, when.
367.512. Title loan requirements--liability of borrower.
367.515. Interest and fees.
367.518. Title loan agreements, contents, form.
367.521. Redemption of certificate of title--expiration or default, lender
may proceed against collateral.
367.524. Records of loan agreements.
367.525. Notice to borrower prior to acceptance of title loan application.
367.527. Limitations of title lenders.
367.530. Safekeeping of certificates of title--liability insurance maintained,
when--liability of title lender.
367.531. Applicability to certain transactions.
367.532. Violations, penalties.
367.533. Pawn or pawnbroker title prohibited.

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