Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 377
Assessment Plan and Stipulated Premium Plan Life Insurance

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August 28, 2013

377.005. Definitions.
377.010. Assessment plan insurance defined.
377.020. Incorporation of companies, procedure.
377.030. Release of beneficiary fund--replacement--exemptions.
377.040. Qualifications to do business.
377.050. Emergency fund--accumulation--purpose--replacement.
377.060. Policy to specify amount to be paid, when payable.
377.070. Effect of refusal to pay--duty of director.
377.080. Limitations on the issuance of policies--charitable, benevolent,
educational and religious organizations have insurable
interest--fraud or coercion, exception.
377.090. Proceeds not liable for debts.
377.100. Statement of affairs.
377.120. Two-thirds majority to reinsure or transfer risks.
377.150. Retaliatory section.
377.160. Deposit for costs and expenses.
377.170. Acceptance of regular life insurance law by assessment companies--past
contracts not affected.
377.180. Not applicable to fraternal societies.
377.190. Penalty for false statement.
377.199. No companies formed under sections 377.200 to 377.460 after August 29,
377.200. Stipulated premium companies defined--penalty for unlawful use of
377.210. Organization--powers.
377.220. Articles of agreement--approval--filing--issuance of certificate.
377.230. Completion of organization.
377.240. Withdrawals of securities upon relinquishment of business.
377.250. Minimum premiums.
377.260. Emergency fund--extra premium--commutation of policies.
377.270. Limited payment policies--reserve--deposit.
377.280. Surrender values.
377.290. Distribution of surplus.
377.300. Policy to specify amount to be paid--effect of refusal to pay.
377.310. Examinations--beneficiary--change in beneficiary--charitable,
benevolent, educational and religious organizations have insurable
interest--fraud or coercion, exception.
377.320. Policy incontestable after one year.
377.330. Proceeds not liable for debts.
377.340. Misrepresentations.
377.350. Copy of application.
377.360. Discriminations prohibited--duty of director and attorney general.
377.370. Personal liability.
377.380. Annual report.
377.400. Reinsurance and reinstatement.
377.420. Retaliatory section.
377.430. Requirements for foreign corporations--tax on premiums.
377.450. Acceptance of provisions of regular life law--not to affect past
377.460. Penalty for false statements.

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