Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 378
Fraternal Benefit Societies

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August 28, 2013

378.601. Fraternal benefit society, defined.
378.602. Lodge system, requirements--children's wages permitted, limitation.
378.603. Representative form of government, requirements.
378.604. Definitions.
378.605. Operation, purpose--laws and rules, power to adopt.
378.606. Laws and rules, requirements--membership rights nonassignable.
378.607. Principal office, meetings, location--official publication, annual
statement, requirements.
378.608. Liability, immunity from, when--indemnification, when--insurance,
purchase of for officers allowed.
378.609. Waiver of laws, restriction on, when.
378.610. Organization of, how--articles of incorporation,
contents--filing--membership requirements.
378.611. Amendment of laws, procedures--amendments furnished to members.
378.612. Society may operate nonprofit organizations--may not own funeral home.
378.613. Reinsurance agreements, allowed--limitations.
378.614. Merger or consolidation, allowed when--requirements--approval of
director required--effects.
378.615. Conversion to mutual life insurance company, allowed when.
378.616. Benefits authorized--rules to specify allowable beneficiaries.
378.617. Change of beneficiary, allowed--funeral benefits, payment of,
limitation--no beneficiary, effect.
378.619. Certificate of ownership, issued to owner, when, contents--life
benefit contract, minor effects--impairment of class of certificates,
effects--filing with director, when--minor, transfer of control of
contract to, when.
378.620. Cash surrender value of certificate, computation of.
378.621. Investment of funds.
378.622. Assets, use of--variable basis contracts, allowed when.
378.623. Application of law--exemption from insurance laws.
378.624. Taxation of societies, exemptions.
378.625. Valuation of certificates, standards--reserves, excess permitted.
378.626. Statement of financial condition, contents, filing--penalty.
378.627. Annual renewal required.
378.628. Examination, director may conduct--expenses.
378.629. Foreign society to have license, requirements.
378.630. Powers of director to order changes, when--may enjoin further
business, when, duration--liquidation, effect.
378.631. Foreign society, director may enjoin business, when.
378.632. Injunction, who may file.
378.633. Agents, licensing of--persons not deemed agents.
378.634. Unfair practices and frauds, subject to law--exception.
378.635. Service of process, director to be agent for.
378.638. Fraudulent acts, penalties.
378.640. Law not applicable to certain societies, when--specific exemptions.
378.642. Severability clause.
378.645. Review of director's decisions, how.

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