Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 379
Insurance Other Than Life

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August 28, 2013

379.005. Definitions.
379.010. Number of incorporators required--classes of insurance--capital and
surplus requirements, phase-in.
379.011. Documents required for insurance transactions or proof of coverage by
electronic means permitted, when, requirements--inapplicability.
379.012. Insurance forms and endorsements may be available on insurer's
website, when, requirements--rulemaking authority.
379.017. Combined risk policies authorized--single premium may be lower than
aggregate coverage rates.
379.025. Plans for formation of companies--name--prohibitions.
379.030. Declaration preliminary to organizing.
379.035. Articles of incorporation for stock companies.
379.040. Declaration, approval, filing--certificate of
incorporation--subscription of stock.
379.050. Examination and certification of stocks, by whom.
379.055. Director to give certificate--to be filed--evidence.
379.060. Charter of mutual companies.
379.065. Organization of corporation--procedure--fee.
379.070. Director to examine subscriptions, policyholders' surplus.
379.075. Authority to commence business, when, how issued.
379.080. Capital and surplus of stock or mutual company, investments
authorized--violation, penalty.
379.082. Property and liability companies, assets--requirements, standards.
379.083. Insurer investment in investment pools permitted,
when--limitations--custodial and pooling agreements.
379.085. Mutual companies doing fire and marine business, agreements and
securities--violation, penalty.
379.090. Premium notes, how payable.
379.095. Assessment of premium notes.
379.098. Securities to be deposited by all companies, kind and amount.
379.100. Director to receive deposits.
379.102. Unearned premium and loss reserves, maintained as liabilities.
379.105. Annual reports--contents.
379.108. Form of certificate to be filed with
director--definitions--contents--standard forms--false or
misleading information
prohibited--applicability--fee--violations, effect of--rulemaking
379.110. Definitions.
379.112. Provisions of policy covered.
379.114. Reasons for cancellation.
379.116. Refusal to insure or exclusion of named persons, when.
379.118. Notice of cancellation and renewals, due when.
379.120. Explanation of refusal to write a policy, how given, contents.
379.121. Definitions.
379.122. Refusal to issue policy based on the lack of prior motor vehicle
coverage prohibited, when.
379.123. Violation deemed unfair trade practice.
379.124. (Transferred 2004; now 379.121)
379.125. Reinsurance.
379.126. (Transferred 2004; now 379.122)
379.127. (Transferred 2004; now 379.123)
379.130. Insurance claims, percentage of fault not to be assigned based solely
on operation of a motorcycle.
379.140. Company not to deny value--full amount of policy to be paid.
379.145. Property insured in more than one company.
379.150. Partial loss--option with insured.
379.155. Coinsurance provisions declared void--exception.
379.160. Form of policy to be filed--coinsurance clause.
379.165. Construction of warranties of fact made in application.
379.170. Construction of warranties of fact incorporated in policy.
379.175. Evasion of sections prohibited.
379.180. Adjustments and examination of books to be made at place of loss.
379.185. After notice of loss, company to furnish blanks.
379.190. Failure to furnish blank forms deemed waiver.
379.195. Accident insurance liability fixed, when--cancellation prohibited.
379.200. Judgment creditor may collect insurance, when.
379.201. Motor vehicle policies to include coverage of owner and vehicle
loaned for demonstration or during repairs.
379.203. Automobile liability policy, required provisions--uninsured motorist
coverage required--recovery against tort-feasor, how limited.
379.204. Underinsured motor vehicle coverage, construction of policy.
379.205. Mutual companies other than life and fire insurance.
379.210. Articles of incorporation shall specify what.
379.215. Name must contain the word "mutual".
379.220. Submitted to director--proof of publication--certificate may be
issued--amendment of articles.
379.225. Company to have legal existence from date of certificate--insurance
in force, when.
379.230. Contracts of insurance and reinsurance.
379.235. License required--conditions to be complied with.
379.240. Who may hold policies.
379.245. Voting power of members.
379.250. Premiums.
379.255. Assets, how invested.
379.257. Deposit of securities required of mutual companies other than life
and fire.
379.260. Reserves.
379.263. Mutual companies other than life and fire to file statement of
affairs, when.
379.265. Assessments to meet reserve deficiencies.
379.270. Director may advance money.
379.275. Policies need not be countersigned--conditions.
379.290. Tax to be paid upon premiums.
379.295. Returns and assessment to be made by director--collection and
disposition of tax by the director of revenue.
379.300. Failure to make return--director to proceed.
379.316. Scope of act (section 379.017 and sections 379.316 to 379.361).
379.318. Rates, how made.
379.321. Rating plans to be filed with director, when--informational filings.
379.323. Rating organization defined--license, application for,
contents--subscribers, how treated.
379.326. Deviation, how filed, effective when--open to public inspection.
379.328. Advisory organization defined--required filings--hearings on
activities, discontinuance orders.
379.331. Joint underwriting regulated--hearings, discontinuance order, when.
379.333. Insurers may act in concert to make rates.
379.336. Insurers with common management may act in concert to make rates.
379.338. Agreement to adhere prohibited, exception.
379.341. Exchange of information approved.
379.343. Examinations by director, when, how conducted, cost how paid.
379.346. Examination, purpose of--hearing--order.
379.348. Review of rate, rating plan or system, how obtained.
379.351. Approval by director of rules and plans, when--exchange of information
with director--director may make rules and regulations.
379.353. Withholding of information or giving false or misleading information
prohibited, penalty.
379.356. Excessive premiums and rebates prohibited.
379.359. Commissions paid to brokers or agents not affected.
379.361. Violations, penalties.
379.362. (Repealed L. 2002 H.B. 1468 A)
379.420. Citation of law.
379.425. Law applicable to certain classes of insurance--exceptions.
379.430. Insurers may act in concert with respect to rates.
379.435. Rating organization defined.
379.440. Rating organization must be licensed--who may apply--content of
379.445. Requirements to obtain and retain license.
379.450. Director to grant or deny license.
379.455. Advisory organizations.
379.460. Joint underwriting groups.
379.465. Exchange of information--agreement to rates.
379.470. Provisions governing rates.
379.475. Director to examine--powers--cost--director may accept examination by
other state.
379.480. Purpose of examination--hearing--orders.
379.485. Penalties for failure to comply--powers of director.
379.490. May use rating plans or systems.
379.495. Payment of dividends not regulated.
379.500. Freedom of contract for fees not restricted.
379.505. Hearings on orders--notice--rules of pleading and
evidence--review--effective date of order.
379.510. Penalty for violation of orders.
379.515. May reorganize and extend corporate existence.
379.520. Content of articles of association.
379.525. Additional requirements for articles of association.
379.530. Special meeting to be called--notice.
379.535. Propositions for reorganization and extension of corporate existence
to be voted on.
379.540. Articles to be acknowledged and declaration of proceeding to be made.
379.545. Duty of director.
379.550. Board to accept certificate--file with secretary of state--fee--new
board--notify director.
379.555. Examination of company and certificate to do business.
379.560. Value of equitable interests of nonassenting stockholders or
policyholders to be paid to them.
379.565. Suit in circuit court to determine value.
379.570. Publication of notice--proceedings.
379.575. Who may appear--proceedings, how governed.
379.580. Costs--by whom paid.
379.585. Company having special charter may accept general insurance laws.
379.590. Content of articles of association.
379.595. Additional requirements of articles of association.
379.600. Special meeting to be called--notice.
379.605. Proposition to surrender to be voted on.
379.610. Acknowledgment and declaration to be made.
379.615. Duty of director.
379.620. Acceptance by resolution of directors.
379.625. Certificate to do business.
379.650. Exchange of reciprocal or interinsurance contracts authorized--classes
of insurance allowed.
379.660. Contracts to be executed through attorney in fact.
379.670. Application for license, contents--requirements.
379.680. Service of process on director--method.
379.690. Statement of condition and affairs may be required by
director--restriction on liability of members.
379.700. Reserves required.
379.710. Surplus required--claim reserve fund--phase-in of requirements.
379.720. Deficiency how made up--net premium and deposit defined.
379.730. Annual statement of financial condition required.
379.740. Corporations generally empowered to become subscribers.
379.750. Certificate of authority from director required--license may be
revoked or suspended--renewal.
379.770. Mergers or consolidation of reciprocal exchanges or interinsurers.
379.780. Exemption from other insurance laws except retaliatory law, and
certain enumerated sections.
379.790. Penalty for acting without legal authority.
379.800. Sections 374.030 to 379.790 intended as a continuation of existing
379.808. Insurance policies on certain real property--beneficiary deemed
insured, duration, others covered not affected, when.
379.810. Program established.
379.815. Definitions.
379.820. Inspections and reports.
379.825. Issuance of policy, when--appointment of liability
assumed--expenses--limits on liability.
379.830. Procedure after inspection and submission.
379.835. Joint reinsurance association.
379.840. Standard policy coverage and rating procedure.
379.845. Cancellation or nonrenewal.
379.850. Right of appeal.
379.855. Commissions.
379.860. Administration of program--governing committee, members, vacancies.
379.865. Annual and special meetings.
379.870. Duties of the committee.
379.875. Statistics to be kept, reports.
379.880. Public education.
379.882. Definitions for sections 379.882 to 379.886.
379.883. Policy cancellation or nonrenewal requirement of sixty days prior to
notification--notice content.
379.884. Policyholder's right to history of policy, when.
379.885. Proof of mailing notice of cancellation or nonrenewal.
379.886. Cancellation or nonrenewal of entire line or class of insurance
requires ninety days' prior notice to director.
379.888. Definitions for sections 379.888 to 379.893--notice to insured,
when--department to notify insurers.
379.889. Rates not to be excessive, inadequate, or unfairly
discriminatory--unfair discrimination defined.
379.890. Rates, rate plan or rate system filing, when--required actuarial data.
379.893. Rules and regulations on modification of rate base, authority of
379.895. Annual report by commercial casualty insurance
companies--form--content of report--exceptions.
379.900. (Transferred 1988; now 354.700)
379.901. Prepaid service plan defined--agent soliciting memberships to
be licensed insurance agent.
379.902. (Transferred 1988; now 354.702)
379.904. (Transferred 1988; now 354.704)
379.905. (Transferred 1988; now 354.705)
379.907. (Transferred 1988; now 354.707)
379.910. (Transferred 1988; now 354.710)
379.912. (Transferred 1988; now 354.712)
379.915. (Transferred 1988; now 354.715)
379.917. (Transferred 1988; now 354.717)
379.920. (Transferred 1988; now 354.720)
379.921. (Transferred 1988; now 354.721)
379.922. (Transferred 1988; now 354.722)
379.923. (Transferred 1988; now 354.723)
379.925. (Transferred 1988; now 354.725)
379.930. Small employer health insurance availability act--definitions.
379.932. Applicability of act, conditions--treatment as single carrier or
separate carrier--ceding agreements prohibited, when.
379.934. Establishment of class of business, reasons--number of classes that
may be established--promulgation of rules for period of
transition--establishment of additional classes.
379.936. Premium rates, subject to conditions--no transfer out of class of
business--disclosure required, contents--rating and renewal
records required to be kept.
379.938. Renewability, exceptions--carrier not renewing prohibited from writing
new business in market, when--application of section in certain
geographic areas.
379.940. Carriers to offer all health plans in market--health benefit plans,
requirements--exclusion of coverage for certain employees.
379.942. (Repealed L. 2007 H.B. 818 A)
379.943. (Repealed L. 2007 H.B. 818 A)
379.944. (Repealed L. 2007 H.B. 818 A)
379.946. Board report, contents, recommendations.
379.948. Certain law not to apply to basic health benefit plan.
379.950. Director to promulgate rules, procedure.
379.952. Carriers to market plan coverage--agent or broker, prohibited
activities, exception--variance in compensation prohibited,
exceptions--carriers, prohibited activities--denial of
application, requirements--penalty--applicability to third party
379.975. Insurer to provide information, when.
379.978. Written disaster plan, insurer to develop, contents.
379.980. Reorganization of domestic mutual insurance company, authority.
379.982. Formation of holding company, application--shareholder
approval--issuance of shares.
379.985. Member's interest--nontransference of membership--immunity from
liability--assessments, not imposed--security, membership interest.
379.987. Nonapplicability of certain provisions of insurance holding companies
law--incorporation of mutual holding company, authority,
approval--powers of mutual holding company, engaging in business
of insurance, no authority, affiliation and merger agreements.
379.988. Mutual holding company subject to supervision of director, dissolution
or liquidation--demutualization.
379.1300. Definitions.
379.1302. Licensure--prohibited acts--requirements for conducting
business--application requirements.
379.1304. Adoption of a name, deceptive practice.
379.1306. Capital and surplus requirements.
379.1308. Approval for payment of dividends required.
379.1310. Incorporation as a stock insurer permitted, when.
379.1312. Reports required.
379.1314. Inspections, when.
379.1316. Suspension or revocation of licensure, when.
379.1318. Investment requirements, compliance with.
379.1320. Reinsurance may be provided, when.
379.1322. Rating organizations, company not required to join.
379.1324. Prohibitions on joining or contributing to certain entities and funds.
379.1326. Premium tax imposed, amount, procedure.
379.1328. Rulemaking authority.
379.1330. Inapplicability of insurance laws to captive insurance companies.
379.1332. Promotion of captive insurance, moneys from dedicated insurance fund
to be used.
379.1336. Insurance reorganization, receivership and injunctions
provisions--applicability to captive insurance companies.
379.1338. Standards for risk management of controlled unaffiliated business.
379.1339. Conversion to reciprocal insurer, when, procedure.
379.1340. Branch captive may be established, when.
379.1342. Trust fund required for branch captive insurance company.
379.1344. Certificate for branch captive insurance companies.
379.1346. Reports and statements of branch captive insurance companies to be
filed with director.
379.1348. Examination of branch captive insurance companies, limitations.
379.1350. Applicability of tax to branch companies.
379.1351. Sponsored captive insurance companies, may be formed by
379.1353. Definitions.
379.1356. Inapplicability of insurance laws.
379.1359. License application--requirements for transaction of
business--licensure requirements--issuance of license, fee.
379.1361. Plan of operation to be filed, contents.
379.1364. License fee, amount.
379.1367. Approval of application, findings by director.
379.1370. Corporate status of company.
379.1373. Limitation on activities and name--number of incorporators required.
379.1376. Contract requirements.
379.1379. Swap agreements permitted.
379.1382. Issuance of securities--approved activities by director.
379.1385. Management of assets.
379.1388. Recognition of admitted assets--value of assets.
379.1391. Prohibited acts.
379.1394. Dividend-payments, limitations.
379.1397. Changes in plan of operation, directors approval required.
379.1400. Affiliated agreements to be filed with director.
379.1403. Audited financial report required, requirements.
379.1406. Examination required, when, procedure.
379.1409. Record-keeping requirements.
379.1412. Premium tax required, amount, procedure.
379.1415. Confidentiality of records, exceptions.
379.1418. Grounds for liquidation--granting of relief, management of assets.
379.1421. Rulemaking authority.
379.1500. Definitions.
379.1505. Vendor license required--application, fee--termination date.
379.1510. Authorization to sell, vendor responsibilities--eligibility and
underwriting standards--supervising business entity to be
appointed, purpose--training requirements--collection of charges.
379.1515. Insurance producers act, applicability of.
379.1520. Sanctioning of license, when--penalties, when.
379.1525. Vendor investigation and examination requirements.
379.1530. Premiums, received by insurer, when--proof of purchase, insurer may
379.1535. Violations, director's authority.
379.1540. Supervising business entity, sanctioning of license, when.
379.1545. Insurers, permissible acts.
379.1550. Rulemaking authority--effective date.

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