Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 382
Insurance Holding Companies

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August 28, 2013

382.010. Definitions.
382.020. Domestic insurers, authorized investments, ownership and management
382.030. Disposal of investment required, when.
382.040. Securities of domestic insurers, regulation of trading in.
382.050. Statement, contents.
382.060. Approval of merger or acquisition of control, when--hearing,
382.070. Excepted transactions.
382.080. Prohibited acts.
382.090. Jurisdiction, acceptance of--service, how had.
382.095. Acquisitions where change of control of insurer, subject to order,
when--contents, requirements--violations, penalties.
382.100. Registration required.
382.110. Registration, form, contents, exempted matter.
382.120. Information to be kept current, when changes reported.
382.130. Termination of registration, when.
382.140. Consolidated registration statements or amendments, when.
382.150. Registration for affiliates authorized.
382.160. Exemption from registration and reports, how and when.
382.170. Disclaimer of affiliation, effect of.
382.180. Failure to file registration statement or amendment a violation.
382.190. Transactions with affiliates, how conducted.
382.195. Prohibited transactions, exceptions.
382.200. Reasonable surplus, how determined.
382.210. Extraordinary dividend, notice of--payment from earned surplus,
when--allowed, when.
382.220. Director, powers of.
382.230. Certain information confidential, exception.
382.240. Rules and regulations, how issued.
382.250. Injunction, when authorized.
382.260. Illegally acquired securities, how treated--impending illegal
acquisitions, injunctive relief--ownership of securities, where.
382.265. Penalties, certain actions.
382.270. Criminal proceedings, when and where commenced, penalty.
382.275. False reports, filing of, penalty.
382.280. Director to take possession, when.
382.285. Liquidation or rehabilitation, effects--maximum amount
recoverable--liability, parent company, when.
382.290. Revocation of insurer's license, when.
382.300. Appeals from director's action, procedure.
382.302. Disposal of assets or insurer, notice to director--powers of
director--voidable when--effect.
382.400. Definitions.
382.402. Applicability of law.
382.405. Degree of control required, provisions applicable,
exemptions--contract between producer and insurer,
requirements--insurer to have audit committee, members,
purpose--loss ratios, report to director, contents.
382.407. Notice to insured, producer to provide, contents.
382.409. Noncompliance with law, powers of director--receiver in liquidation,
382.410. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)

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