Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 383
Malpractice Insurance

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August 28, 2013

383.005. Definitions.
383.010. Authority to form business entity to provide malpractice
insurance--nonresidents may be members, when.
383.015. License fee--registered agent required--articles of association
required, contents of--bylaws, provisions required and allowed.
383.016. Articles of association and bylaws, additional contents.
383.020. Director to issue license, when.
383.025. Association to commence business, when--liability of members
limited--business to be nonprofit, dividends may be paid, how.
383.030. Examination by director authorized--annual license fee--amendments to
bylaws filed, when.
383.033. Association treated as mutual insurance company, tax purposes.
383.035. Association subject to certain laws--grace period for certain
associations, limitations--certification filed with annual
statement--rules and regulations, director may
promulgate--impaired association, director's powers, review
of--rating plans, filing of.
383.037. Rates, requirements.
383.040. Medical malpractice association exempt from premium tax.
383.060. Definitions.
383.062. Reports of real estate malpractice, contents.
383.067. Immunity granted person reporting and director.
383.069. Confidentiality of information and reports.
383.075. Definitions.
383.077. Reports of legal malpractice claims, contents.
383.079. Duty of director to issue statistical summary.
383.081. Immunity granted person reporting and director.
383.083. Confidentiality of information and reports.
383.100. Definitions.
383.105. Report of medical malpractice claims by certain insurers, contents,
insurer defined.
383.106. Reporting standards--risk reporting categories--information
compiled--report of rates.
383.107. Publication of market rate.
383.108. Publication of comparison of base rates.
383.110. Reports, when due, form of.
383.115. Information confidential, exception.
383.120. Immunity granted persons reporting and to director.
383.124. Administrative orders for violations of state laws or rules--civil
action for violations.
383.125. Director to forward reported information to appropriate
licensing board--further reports, contents, requirements.
383.130. Definitions.
383.133. Reports by hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, nursing homes, and
licensing authorities, when, contents, limited use, penalty.
383.150. Definitions.
383.155. Association created, when--limits of coverage--plan of operation,
when due, contents of, amended, how.
383.160. Policies, period covered--form of policy to be approved--rates,
how regulated--assessments, how made--excess funds, disposition of.
383.165. Additional first year charge to policyholders.
383.170. Persons eligible to apply for coverage--eligibility requirements.
383.175. Board of directors, qualifications--terms, expenses, payment of
383.180. Annual statement, when due, contents of.
383.185. Annual examination required, cost of, how paid.
383.190. Appeals and review.
383.195. Termination of plan, when.
383.200. Definition of insurer.
383.203. Rates filed with director--form--open to public, copies.
383.206. Sale of health care provider policy prohibited, when--determining
factors--insurer may charge additional premium or grant discount,
when--supporting data--rulemaking authority.
383.209. Rate increases over fifteen percent prohibited without notice,
383.225. Insurer defined--prohibitions on insurers--failure to provide notice,
continuation of coverage.
383.250. Health care stabilization fund feasibility board created, duties,
report--members--appointment, meetings,
reports--powers--staff--compensation--expiration date.
383.500. Physicians or surgeons on staff of certain hospitals to furnish
malpractice insurance, exceptions.

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