Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 414
Fuel Regulation and Conservation

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August 28, 2013

414.012. Definitions.
414.022. Preemption by the state, political subdivisions may not regulate.
414.032. Requirements, standards, certain fuels--director may inspect
fuels, purpose.
414.035. Financial responsibility for fuel tank storage and
piping--exceptions--rulemaking authority.
414.036. Financial responsibility to be maintained, when--aboveground storage
tank defined--rules.
414.042. Fuels, offered for sale, testing required upon request of director
--requested samples, director to inspect and test.
414.043. MTBE content limit for gasoline, when.
414.052. Premises utilized for sale of fuels to be safe from fire and
explosion--access for inspection, search warrant--stop use order
may issue, inspection--appeal of stop use order, hearing.
414.062. Flammable liquids, containers, colors and markings.
414.072. Measuring devices, certain fuels, inspection, when--expiration date,
effect of--correction or removal, when--public policy regarding
414.073. Tank wagons, wholesale or retail sales to be equipped with
meters--inspection, when--condemned meters, how marked.
414.082. Inspection fees, rate determined by director of revenue--petroleum
inspection fund created, fees deposited, uses, investment of moneys.
414.092. Inspection fees--records, reports.
414.102. Payment of fees, when--report to director of revenue, when--credit or
refund, when allowed--application of motor fuel tax provisions.
414.104. Motor fuel vapor recovery fees, department of natural resource to
set--preemption of local enforcement.
414.112. Deception of customers in sale of fuels as to nature, quality or
identity, prohibited--reclaimed motor or lubricating oils--containers,
how marked--interference with director, prohibited.
414.122. Common carriers of fuels, shipment records, contents.
414.132. Motor fuel inspectors, deputies, agents, employees, compensation,
appointees of department--conflict of interest prohibited.
414.142. Rules, authority, promulgation.
414.152. Violations, penalties--injunction--hearings, procedure.
414.255. Definitions--ethanol-blended gasoline required,
when--exemptions--rulemaking authority.
414.350. Definitions.
414.353. Alternative fuel use, administrative plan--loans provided,
requirements, preferences--rules, procedure.
414.356. Loans, maximum amount--interest rate and repayment terms.
414.359. Missouri alternative fuel vehicle loan fund established--use of funds.
414.365. Program established for biodiesel fuel use in MoDOT vehicles,
goals, rules.
414.400. Definitions--program for state fuel consumption reduction, fleet
management and promotion of alternative fuels, University of
Missouri, included duties--exceptions for certain vehicles.
414.403. Vehicle fleet energy conservation plan to be developed by each state
agency, purpose of plan, content--plan to be submitted to department
of natural resources, when.
414.406. Vehicle fleet plan reviewed--office of administration to purchase
only vehicles conforming to plan--annual report, content.
414.407. EPAct credit banking and selling program
established--definitions--biodiesel fuel revolving fund
created--rulemaking authority--study on the use of alternative
fuels in motor vehicles, contents.
414.410. Motor vehicle alternative fuel use plan to be developed by department
of natural resources--powers and duties--state agency fleets of
fifteen or more vehicles, time table for using alternative fuels.
414.412. Alternative use of fuel, waived or percentage reduced by director
of natural resources, certified evidence required--other vehicles,
ethanol use required, exceptions.
414.415. Percentage requirements, how state agencies to comply.
414.417. Criminal law enforcement vehicles and certain other vehicles, law
not applicable--demonstration vehicles for alternative fuels
414.420. Commission, created, members--purpose.
414.433. Purchase of biodiesel fuel by school districts--contracts with new
generation cooperatives--definitions--rulemaking authority.
414.500. Name of law.
414.510. Definitions.
414.520. Promulgation of regulations.
414.530. Propane education and research council creation, assessment upon
odorized propane--procedure.
414.540. Prevention of violations, action of attorney general--civil
penalty--cease and desist order--hearing.
414.550. Director may conduct investigations--powers of director.
414.560. Selection of members--number of members, compensation,
terms--chairman, president--budget--programs and
414.570. Assessment, amount--payment--late payment, charges--investment of
funds--rulemaking authority.
414.580. Use of funds, restrictions.
414.590. Construction.

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