Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 444
Rights and Duties of Miners and Mine Owners

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August 28, 2013

444.010. Mineral land owner to post conditions under which mining operations
may be conducted thereon.
444.020. Failure to post statement of conditions, effect--rights of miners.
444.030. Tender of payment.
444.040. Notice to owner or lessee.
444.050. Ownership of ore.
444.060. Injunction or restraining order--how granted.
444.070. Mining extending to adjoining lands, how determined.
444.080. Order to be read.
444.090. Refusal to permit survey--penalty.
444.100. Provisions for mining coal in certain cities.
444.110. Notice of intention to mine--publication required.
444.120. Permit from mayor and council--petition to circuit court.
444.130. Court to authorize mining operations, when--period of time specified.
444.140. Form of bond required.
444.150. Written permission of owner required--violation--provisions for
payment of fine.
444.160. Costs, paid by whom.
444.170. Diagram showing character and extent of mining operations to be filed
in court--forfeiture for failure to comply.
444.180. Certain sections apply only to coal mining companies.
444.320. Mining under public highways and railroads prohibited.
444.330. Penalty for violation of section 444.320.
444.350. Citation of law.
444.352. Definitions.
444.355. Director, powers.
444.358. Permit required, when.
444.360. Application for permit, contents.
444.362. Closure plan, purposes, contents, review of.
444.365. Inspection--maintenance plan, purposes, contents, review of.
444.368. Financial assurance instrument required, form, amount--confidential
information not to be released--duration, use, forfeiture--release of.
444.370. Processing fee, annual permit fee--metallic minerals waste management
fund, created, uses.
444.372. Permits, final approval by director--denial of permit, procedures.
444.375. Inspections, investigations, director to perform--civil penalties
authorized, procedures--emergency situations, powers of director.
444.376. Administrative penalties, assessment, restriction--conference,
conciliation and persuasion--rules--payment--appeal--collection,
444.377. Hearings, procedures.
444.378. Violations, procedures to forfeit the financial assurance instrument,
attorney general to assist, when.
444.380. Rules, authority, promulgation, procedure.
444.400. Mining compact--purpose, definitions--commission, budget, powers
and programs--construction.
444.410. Members, interstate mining commission--appointment--compensation.
444.500. Citation of law.
444.510. Definitions.
444.520. Commission, membership, qualifications, terms, compensation,
powers--department director, limitation on.
444.530. Powers of commission--rules, procedure.
444.535. Rules and regulations, commission shall make--variances, procedures,
conditions--section not to apply, when.
444.540. Annual strip mining permit required, fee, renewal.
444.550. Application for permit, contents.
444.560. Reclamation plan required, contents.
444.570. Bond, amount--commission may waive.
444.580. Annual permit, how amended.
444.590. Successor operator, assumption of liability--first operator released,
444.600. Permit--investigation, recommendation, hearing, court review.
444.610. Reclamation and care requirements.
444.620. Time limits on reclamation practices.
444.630. Report, when required, contents.
444.640. Commission to investigate all reports--release from bond, when.
444.650. Application for release from bond--objection, effect of--appeal.
444.660. Additional time, granted when.
444.670. Commission may inspect and search--warrant, where obtained.
444.680. Injunction, when--violation, procedure--hearing.
444.690. Testimony at hearing, how recorded--available, when.
444.700. Judicial review, when--additional evidence authorized.
444.710. Injunction and forfeiture of bond, when--attorney general to act.
444.720. Rules and regulations, when effective--notice, hearing--variances
444.730. Mined land reclamation fund created--purpose.
444.740. Commission authorized to receive funds and services.
444.750. Recreational use of reclaimed lands encouraged.
444.755. Repeal of existing law not intended.
444.760. Short title.
444.762. Declaration of policy.
444.765. Definitions.
444.766. Exceptions to land reclamation act provisions.
444.767. Powers of commission--rules, procedure, review.
444.770. Permit required, when--release of certain bonds--complaints,
444.771. Limitation on permits near an accredited school.
444.772. Permit--application, contents, fees--amendment, how made--successor
operator, duties of.
444.773. Director to investigate applications--recommendation--public meeting
or hearing--denial of permit, when.
444.774. Reclamation requirements and conditions.
444.775. Release of bond, conditions--petition, hearing--administrative
444.777. Entry upon lands and inspection by commission members--warrants
to issue.
444.778. Bond--form--amount--duration--forfeiture--power of reclamation.
444.782. Attorney general to represent commission, when--hearings on bond
forfeiture, notice.
444.784. Commission rules and regulations authorized--delegation of
authority--forfeiture funds, where expended.
444.786. Operation without permit prohibited, penalty.
444.787. Investigation by commission, attorney general to file suit--formal
complaint procedure.
444.788. Civil action.
444.789. Administrative procedure--inapplicability to public meetings.
444.790. Administrative penalties--not to be assessed for minor violation,
definition--amount set by rule, limitation--payment when--appeal,
effect--surcharge due when--unpaid penalty, collection--time
limitation to assess violation--judicial appeal--civil action, effect,
exception--habitual violator, defined.
444.800. Citation of law--legislative intent declared--rules and regulations
authorized, procedure.
444.805. Definitions.
444.810. Powers of commission--abandoned mine reclamation fund created,
444.815. Permits required, kind, when to be obtained--term--effect of lack of
444.820. Permit fees--contents of application--confidential items--copy to be
filed with recorder of deeds--insurance required.
444.825. Reclamation plan contents--confidential items.
444.830. Phase I reclamation bond to be filed, when--adjustment of amount of
bond and terms, by commission, when.
444.835. Permit to be granted or application to be modified or
denied--notification required--requirements to be met before
permit to be issued--additional items to be filed with
444.840. Revision of permit, procedure--transfer or assignment to have prior
approval--commission may require permit revision--operator may be
released from liability.
444.845. Coal exploration permit required--contents of application--bond
required--confidential items--limitation on removal of coal--sections
444.800 to 444.940 applicable to coal exploration rules and
444.850. Publication of intent--notification to local governments--comments
and objections may be filed, procedure--conferences,
444.855. Performance standards to be met in surface mining
operations--explosives--reclamation efforts.
444.860. Performance standards to be met in underground mining
operations--rules and regulations.
444.865. Records and reports required--entry and inspection
authorized--ownership information to be displayed--commission
employees not to engage in mining, penalty--employees to file
financial statements.
444.870. Penalties, administrative and criminal, procedure.
444.875. Release of all or part of performance bond, procedure--objections may
be filed.
444.880. Actions to compel compliance, limitation--costs of litigation--actions
for damages.
444.885. Cessation orders--suspension or revocation of permits--injunctive
444.890. Commission to designate areas unsuitable for surface mining--review
required--excepted lands--procedure.
444.895. Review of cessation orders and permit suspensions and
revocations--procedure--temporary relief--hearings, conduct.
444.900. Judicial review.
444.905. Severability--rights retained--replacement of water--explosives
444.915. Abandoned mine reclamation fund--deposits and expenditures.
444.920. Abandoned mine reclamation fund, commission's duties and powers.
444.925. Entry upon property by commission staff, procedure--acquisition of
land by commission--use and disposal of land--price--public hearings.
444.930. Liens for corrective measures--amount, filing, valuation--appeals,
priority of liens.
444.935. Public health hazards--actions to abate, procedure.
444.940. Report on fund required--administration of fund, rules and
regulations--authorized activities--water pollution treatment.
444.950. Phase I reclamation bond requirements--rules, procedure to
adopt--rights and duties of mine owners.
444.955. Revegetation of mined land, responsibility transfer, approval
444.960. Fund, coal mine land reclamation, established, purpose, duties.
444.965. Assessment for fund, amount paid, when--additional assessment,
determined how, when.
444.970. Penalty--delinquency or failure to comply with assessment or
reclamation plan.

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