Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 455
Abuse--Adults and Children--Shelters and Protective Orders

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August 28, 2013

455.003. Rape crisis centers, confidentiality of information--employee
competency to testify--rape crisis center defined.
455.004. Juvenile court records, confidentiality, when.
455.005. Social Security number of respondent included in full orders of
455.007. Mootness doctrine, public interest exception to apply, when.
455.010. Definitions.
455.015. Venue.
455.020. Relief may be sought--order of protection effective, where.
455.025. Duties of circuit clerks--rules, forms, instructions.
455.027. No filing fee, court cost, or bond shall be required.
455.030. Filings--certain information not required from petitioner,
exception--supreme court shall provide for filing of petitions on
holidays, evenings and weekends.
455.032. Protection order, restraining respondent from abuse if petitioner is
permanently or temporarily in state--evidence admissible of prior
abuse in or out of state.
455.035. Protection orders--ex parte.
455.038. Ex parte orders, notification--circuit clerks to provide information
455.040. Hearings, when--duration of orders, renewal, requirements--copies of
orders to be given, validity--duties of law enforcement
agency--information entered in MULES.
455.045. Temporary relief available.
455.050. Full or ex parte order of protection, abuse or stalking,
contents--relief available.
455.055. Assignment of wages.
455.060. Modification of orders, when--termination, when--appeal--custody of
children, may not be changed, when.
455.065. Subsequent modification of orders.
455.067. Foreign order of protection to be given full faith and
credit--registration of order, content, procedure.
455.070. Proceedings independent of others.
455.073. Supreme court to develop and adopt uniform forms for petitions and
orders of protection, content--forms to be provided to each circuit
455.075. Attorney's fees, cost.
455.080. Law enforcement agencies response to alleged incidents of domestic
violence or stalking--factors indicating need for immediate
response--establishment of crisis team--transportation of abused
party to medical treatment or shelter.
455.083. Law enforcement officer may rely on copy of protection order.
455.085. Arrest for violation of order--penalties--good faith immunity for law
enforcement officials.
455.090. Jurisdiction, duration--enforceability of orders.
455.200. Definitions.
455.205. (Transferred 2000; now 488.445)
455.210. Administration by designated authority, how
established--powers--expense, limitation.
455.215. Applications for shelter funding, contents, when filed--payments from
fund made when.
455.220. Requirements for shelter to qualify for funds.
455.225. Shelter request exceeding funds, allocation priorities.
455.230. Annual reports by shelters, contents--confidentiality--child
assessment center established by department.
455.300. Missouri domestic violence commission established--members, meetings,
455.305. Domestic violence intervention/rehabilitation pilot projects--purpose,
funding, rules.
455.500. Citation of law.
455.501. (Repealed L. 2011 S.B. 320 A)
455.503. Venue--petition, who may file.
455.504. Court clerks to furnish petitioners with uniform forms and information
to litigants having no counsel on procedure, filing forms and
pleadings--services of clerks and location of office to file petition
to be posted--rules--no fees required--guardian ad litem or CASA to
be provided copy of petition.
455.505. Relief may be sought for child for domestic violence or child being
stalked--order of protection effective, where.
455.508. (Repealed L. 2002 H.B. 1814 A)
455.510. Filings--information required from petitioner.
455.513. Ex parte orders, issued when, effective when--for good cause shown,
defined--investigation by children's division, when--report due
when, available to whom--transfer to juvenile court, when.
455.516. Hearings, when, procedure, standard of proof--duration of
orders--videotaped testimony permitted--renewal of orders,
when--service of respondent, failure to serve not to affect
validity of order--notice to law enforcement agencies--service of
455.520. Temporary relief available--ex parte orders.
455.523. Full order of protection--relief available.
455.524. Jurisdiction for orders--compliance review hearings
permitted--remedies for enforcement of orders.
455.526. Assignment of wages.
455.528. Modification of orders, who may file, when--termination--order
not res judicata, when.
455.530. Grounds for modification of orders.
455.534. Proceedings independent of others.
455.536. Costs of legal fees.
455.538. Law enforcement agencies response to violation of order--arrest for
violation, penalties--custody to be returned to rightful party,
455.540. (Repealed L. 2011 S.B. 320 A)
455.543. Homicides or suicides, determination of domestic violence, factors to
be considered--reports made to highway patrol, forms, due when.
455.545. Annual report by highway patrol.
455.547. Good faith immunity for reporters.
455.549. Court-appointed batterer intervention, credentialing process,
rulemaking authority.

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