Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 461
Nonprobate Transfers Law

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August 28, 2013

461.001. Transfers on death, certain provisions deemed nontestamentary,
461.003. Law, how cited.
461.005. Definitions.
461.009. Nonprobate transfers not subject to requirements of a will--effect
with or without consideration.
461.011. Transferring entity acting as agent for owner subject to nontransfer
law, agency does not end with death of owner, duties.
461.012. Nonprobate transfers subject to agreement of transferring entity,
461.014. Transferring entity, obligation resulting from acceptance and
461.021. Beneficiary designation under written instrument or law, effect.
461.023. Assignments effective on death of owner--delivery, effect.
461.025. Deeds effective on death of owner--recording, effect.
461.026. Procedure to transfer tangible personal property to take effect on
death of owner.
461.027. Transferor may directly transfer property to a transferee to hold as
owner in beneficiary form--transferee shall be owner of property
for all purposes--transfer effective, when.
461.028. Registration of property, including accounts and securities in
beneficiary form, effect.
461.031. Effect of beneficiary designation on ownership of property during
lifetime and at death.
461.033. Revocation or change of beneficiaries designation.
461.035. Agents may not make, revoke or change beneficiary unless document
establishes agent's right or court order authorizes--authorized
withdrawals may extinguish beneficiary's right to transfer.
461.037. Property designated for a beneficiary if lost, destroyed, damaged or
involuntarily converted, during owner's lifetime, effect.
461.039. Effect of collateral conveyances or liens on property subject to
nonprobate transfer.
461.042. Survival required.
461.043. Beneficiary designation designating a trustee under trust not
invalid because trust is amendable or revocable--trust that is
revoked, terminated or does not exist at death of owner, effect.
461.045. Lineal descendant substitutes.
461.048. Disclaimer.
461.051. Marriage dissolution or annulment--revocation of transfer to former
spouse or relative of spouse, exception--remarriage to spouse,
nullification of annulment, effect, relative of the owner's spouse,
461.054. Disqualification for fraud, duress and undue influence and causing
owner's death--proceeding to determine disqualification.
461.059. Omitted spouse or child, probate rules do not apply--after-born
child or after-adopted child, effect on nonprobate transfers.
461.062. Nonprobate transfer rules.
461.065. Transferring entity, protection.
461.067. Rights of owners and beneficiaries--improper distribution, liability
of distributee--purchasers from distributee protected.
461.071. Rights of creditors.
461.073. Scope and application of law.
461.076. Jurisdiction of probate division of circuit court.
461.079. Beneficiary designation valid under law of another state enforceable
in Missouri--effect of transfer determined by local law selected in
document or designation.
461.081. Nonprobate transfer laws to be effective when--prior transfers to be
461.300. Recipients of recoverable transfer to pay pro rata share of all
property received to cover statutory allowances and claims due
estate, enforced by action for accounting, time limitation--action
affect on transferring entity.

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