Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 506
Commencement of Actions and General Provisions

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August 28, 2013

506.010. Citation of code--to govern certain procedures.
506.020. Code not to apply to criminal practice, exception.
506.030. Power of supreme court to promulgate rules to harmonize code.
506.040. One form of action.
506.050. Order of court and motion defined.
506.060. Periods of time prescribed or allowed by code--how computed.
506.080. Court deemed always open for filing certain papers.
506.090. Clerk's office open, when.
506.100. How papers shall be served.
506.110. How suits may be instituted in courts of record.
506.120. Issuance and serving of summons or other process.
506.130. Summons shall be signed by clerk--contents.
506.140. Who shall serve process--fees paid to special process server may be
taxed as costs in a claim.
506.145. Process server authorized to carry concealed firearm.
506.150. Summons and petition, how served--service by mail, authorized
when--notice by mail and acknowledgment form.
506.160. Service by mail or publication.
506.170. Where process may be served.
506.180. Proof of service.
506.190. Court may allow process, return or proof of service to be amended,
506.192. Service on nonresidents, generally.
506.200. Definitions.
506.210. Use of highways by nonresidents shall constitute an agreement.
506.220. Provisions apply to former residents.
506.230. Form of process.
506.240. Service of process.
506.250. Form of notification.
506.260. Notification other than by mail.
506.270. Proof of mailing or delivery of notice.
506.280. Provisions cumulative.
506.290. Venue for actions.
506.300. Continuance to be granted, when.
506.310. Secretary of state shall keep records.
506.330. Actions against nonresidents for injuries caused by watercraft--venue.
506.340. Service, how made.
506.350. Person in charge of watercraft to report injuries--penalty.
506.360. Prisoner litigation reform act.
506.363. Definitions.
506.366. Procedure for nonprepayment of fees.
506.369. Partial payment of court costs, when.
506.372. Monthly payments.
506.375. Dismissal of action, when.
506.378. Payment of costs in judgment.
506.381. Court to review complaint.
506.384. Exhaustion of administrative remedies required--dismissal--limitations
on remedies.
506.387. Damages to be paid, how.
506.390. Notification of crime victims pending payment.
506.500. Actions in which outstate service is authorized--jurisdiction of
Missouri courts applicable, when.
506.510. Service, how made--affidavit.
506.520. Personal judgment authorized--default judgment, when.

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