Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 508
Venue and Change of Venue

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August 28, 2013

508.010. Venue for nontort and tort suits--principal place of residence,
508.011. Change of venue, state statute prevails if in conflict with
supreme court rules.
508.012. Transfer of case based on addition or removal of a plaintiff or
defendant prior to commencement of trial.
508.020. Suits by attachment or replevin, where commenced.
508.030. Actions for real estate, where commenced.
508.040. (Repealed L. 2005 H.B. 393 A)
508.050. Suits against municipal corporations, where commenced.
508.060. Actions against counties, where instituted.
508.070. (Repealed L. 2005 H.B. 393 A)
508.072. Suits against issuers of bad checks to the department of revenue,
where commenced, when commenced--notice of election of venue to be
given, when.
508.080. Removal of suits by consent.
508.090. Judge disqualified--change of venue granted, when.
508.100. Judge disqualified without application, when--exception.
508.110. Judge disqualified, case transferred to another division of court,
508.120. (Repealed L. 2005 H.B. 393 A)
508.130. Application for disqualification of judge or change of
508.140. After notice given, duty of court.
508.150. Written order for change in vacation.
508.160. Pleadings to be made up before award of change of venue.
508.170. After change, clerk to transmit record.
508.180. Clerk to file and docket cause when transmitted.
508.190. Party applying to pay costs, when--paid to which county--jury
selection and service costs paid by county in which case originated.
508.240. Failure of clerk to transmit, or loss of record, proceedings.
508.250. Jurisdiction of court in cases removed.
508.300. Change of venue from other counties.
508.310. Further causes for change of venue.
508.320. Change of venue from district No. 2 of Marion County circuit court.
508.330. Change of venue to district No. 2 of Marion County circuit court.
508.340. Change of venue from Marion County when people are prejudiced.
508.355. (Transferred 1989; now 545.473)

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