Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 514
Costs (Civil Cases)

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August 28, 2013

514.040. Plaintiff may sue as pauper, when--counsel assigned him by
court--correctional center offenders, costs--waiver of costs and
expenses, when.
514.050. Issuance of writ without fees by clerk, when.
514.060. Recovery of costs in civil actions, by whom.
514.070. Costs on motions.
514.080. Costs, when given in discretion of court.
514.090. When one of several counts in a petition bad--costs, how awarded.
514.100. In case of several defendants, judgment in favor of one or
more--costs, how awarded.
514.110. In actions ex delicto, how awarded.
514.112. Assessment of costs when court not notified in timely manner of
514.130. In cases of certiorari, successful party to recover costs.
514.160. Appeals to supreme court or court of appeals, adjudication of costs.
514.170. Adjudication of costs upon dismissal of plaintiff's suit--in other
514.180. Court may make order for payment of unpaid costs, when.
514.190. Suits by state, adjudication of costs.
514.200. General judgment for costs against the state not given.
514.205. Frivolous suit, consequences of filing--limitations.
514.210. Person to whose use action is brought, liable to pay costs--judgment
for costs in such cases, effect of.
514.220. Adjudication of costs in partition.
514.230. Deposit or tender made before suit, plaintiff not to recover costs.
514.240. Tender without deposit stops interest or accumulation of damages.
514.250. Tender in court after suit brought--when plaintiff shall pay all costs
from the time of such tender.
514.260. Duty of clerk in taxing bill of costs.
514.270. Retaxation of costs, when made--effect.
514.280. Supreme court or appellate court to retax costs, when--order fees
514.303. Costs of enforcing judgment, how awarded--how certified.
514.310. Fee bill and writ of fieri facias to contain written or printed
itemized statement of costs.
514.330. Court costs--collection.
514.335. Guardian ad litem appointed for minors not party to action,
514.440. (Transferred 2000; now 488.426)
514.450. (Transferred 2000; now 488.429)
514.460. (Transferred 2000; now 488.432)

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