Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 525

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August 28, 2013

525.010. Who may be summoned as garnishees.
525.020. Garnishees summoned, how.
525.030. Persons exempted from summons as garnishee, when--amount to be
withheld from wages, how computed--earnings defined--penalty.
525.040. Effect of notice of garnishment.
525.050. Notice of garnishment, how served on corporations.
525.060. Return of writ, how made.
525.070. Garnishee may discharge himself, how.
525.080. Garnishee to deliver property, or pay debts, or may give bond
525.090. Claimants may interplead.
525.100. Adjudication of costs.
525.110. Execution same as on general judgment.
525.120. Courts may prescribe rules.
525.130. Plaintiff may exhibit interrogatories against
garnishees--interrogatories, when filed.
525.140. Garnishee shall file answer--failing, judgment by default.
525.150. Garnishment for wages, issued against railroad, when.
525.160. Railroad to answer garnishment for wages, when.
525.170. Judgment by default, how rendered final--extent and effect of against
525.180. Answer of garnishee excepted to, adjudged insufficient--proceedings.
525.190. Denial of garnishee to answer, how--replication--issues tried, how.
525.200. What proceedings had, if effects found in hands of
525.210. Answer taken as sufficient, when.
525.220. If answer admits effects or indebtedness, proceedings.
525.230. Allowance in such case to garnishee.
525.233. Notice of garnishment and writ of sequestration to contain federal
taxpayer identification number--failure to comply, effect.
525.240. Costs adjudged against plaintiff, when--allowance to garnishee.
525.250. Adjudication of costs in other cases.
525.260. Debts not due may be attached.
525.270. Claimants of debts assigned, or property sold, may be made parties,
how--notice, how given--trial.
525.280. Garnishee owing note to defendant, latter may be required to produce
same in court--proceedings.
525.290. Garnishment of wages--personal service upon defendant
required--exception--petition and summons to show cause of
525.300. Wages earned out of state exempt--exception.
525.310. Compensation of state and municipal employees subject to writ of

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