Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 527
Declaratory Judgments; Actions Involving Land Titles; Lis Pendens;
Change of Name

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August 28, 2013

527.010. Scope.
527.020. Power to construe.
527.030. Before breach.
527.040. Declaration of rights or legal relationships, right to obtain, when.
527.050. Enumeration not exclusive.
527.060. Discretionary.
527.070. Review.
527.080. Supplemental relief.
527.090. Jury trial.
527.100. Costs.
527.110. Parties.
527.120. Construction.
527.130. "Person" defined.
527.150. Suits to determine interest and quiet title, how instituted--effect of
527.160. Practice to conform to code of civil procedure.
527.170. Costs in suits to determine interest and quiet title.
527.180. Suit to perfect title by limitation--proceedings.
527.188. Petition for vacation of abandoned easement.
527.190. Proceedings to establish title when records, deeds are lost or
527.200. Publication of notice--proceedings.
527.210. Decree conclusive as to whom--prima facie as to whom.
527.220. Limitation--court may modify its decree, when.
527.230. Copy to be recorded, where--may be read in evidence.
527.240. Proceedings to conform to the rules in civil practice.
527.250. Form of publication notice.
527.260. Notice of lis pendens in equity action--recording.
527.270. Petition, where presented--contents--proceedings.
527.280. Fees to be paid by petitioner.
527.290. Notice of change to be given, when and how--not required, when.

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