Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 533

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August 28, 2013

533.010. Action to recover specific personal property, procedure.
533.020. Order of delivery.
533.030. Plaintiff to deliver bond before property can be taken--types of bonds
authorized, requirements.
533.040. Sheriff to take and deliver property to plaintiff unless bond given.
533.050. Qualifications of sureties.
533.060. Defendant not entitled to retain property, when.
533.070. Bonds taken by sheriff, filed with clerk, when.
533.080. Plaintiff--new bond ordered by court, when--failure to comply with
533.090. Defendant--new bond ordered by court, when--failure to comply with
533.100. When order in sections 533.080 and 533.090 is made, duty of clerk.
533.110. Plaintiff--failure to prosecute his suit after obtaining
property--value of property--assessment.
533.120. Judgment rendered against plaintiff and his sureties, when.
533.130. If plaintiff has not property, assessment of damages.
533.140. If defendant fails in his defense--assessment of damages.
533.150. Party to elect, when.
533.160. Duty of officer if property not delivered in ten days.
533.170. Title of property vested, when.
533.180. Enforcement of orders.
533.190. Suit on bond, how and by whom brought.
533.200. Right of action against sheriff barred, when.
533.210. Court to allow charges for taking and delivering property.
533.220. Sheriff and sureties liable, when.
533.230. Issuance of execution--to whom directed.
533.240. Replevin--who may hear.
533.250. Value of property governs jurisdiction.

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