Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 534
Forcible Entry and Unlawful Detainer

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August 28, 2013

534.010. What entries deemed lawful.
534.020. Forcible entry and detainer defined.
534.030. Unlawful detainer defined--foreclosure, notice to tenants, procedure.
534.040. Estates comprehended in sections 534.010 to 534.030.
534.050. Demand for possession, how made and proved.
534.060. Before whom cognizable--centralized filing--assignment of cases.
534.070. Complaint and summons--court date assigned, when.
534.080. Form of summons.
534.090. Serving of summons--service by mail--publication of notice.
534.100. Return of officer.
534.110. Power to issue subpoenas and compel attendance of witnesses.
534.120. Failure to prosecute, nonsuit.
534.130. Failure of defendant to appear.
534.140. Both parties appear--proceedings.
534.160. Demand for trial by jury.
534.170. Amendments permitted and new parties added, when.
534.180. Depositions may be taken.
534.190. When depositions may be read.
534.200. Proof required of complainant.
534.210. Merits of title cannot be inquired into.
534.220. Rights under derivative titles may be shown.
534.230. Extent of claim of person having lawful possession.
534.240. Extent of claim where there has been no survey.
534.250. Persons having settlement on public lands may maintain action, when.
534.260. Heirs, devisees entitled to what remedies.
534.270. If lessor dies, remedy survives to heirs.
534.280. Effect of forfeiture of lease.
534.290. New tenant may maintain action, when.
534.300. Three years' possession a bar to the action.
534.310. Verdict for complainant--what it shall include.
534.320. Verdict may be corrected in matters of form.
534.330. Judgment on verdict for complainant.
534.340. Transcript of judgment--revived and enforced, how.
534.345. Notice of default judgment in eviction proceeding must be sent to
defaulting party.
534.347. Unauthorized sublessor or assignor of leased premises, double
damages, when.
534.350. Execution--when issued and levied.
534.355. Court may include in judgment of possession an order to sheriff
requiring delivery of premises to prevailing party within fifteen
534.360. Execution, when defendant is about to abscond.
534.370. Form of execution against defendant.
534.380. Judgment stay for appeals and trial de novo.
534.540. Proceedings on default of defendant.
534.570. Appeals to supreme court--supersedeas.
534.590. Writs of restitution, against whom executed.

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