Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 536
Administrative Procedure and Review

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August 28, 2013

536.010. Definitions.
536.014. Rules invalid, when.
536.015. Missouri Register published at least monthly.
536.016. Requirements for rulemaking.
536.017. Taking of private property defined--proposed rules require takings
analysis, when, purpose, procedure--rule invalid, when--exceptions.
536.018. "Agency" and "state agency" not to include institutions of higher
education if sufficient safeguards for contested cases provided
by institutions.
536.019. Effective date of rules--contingent effective date.
536.021. Rules, procedure for making, amending or rescinding--notice of--rules
effective when, exception--effective date to be printed in code of
state regulations--failure of agencies to promulgate a required
rule--effect--exception--letter ruling authorized for department
of revenue, effect.
536.022. Suspension or termination of rules--procedure.
536.023. Procedures for numbering, indexing and publishing to be prescribed by
secretary of state.
536.024. Validity of rules promulgated by state agency dependent on compliance
with procedural requirements--powers and duties of joint committee.
536.025. Emergency rule powers--procedure--definitions.
536.026. Comments on proposed rules--committees for comment.
536.027. Written comments to be retained as public record for three years.
536.028. Contingent delegation of rulemaking power--effective date of
rules--notice to be filed with joint committee--committee's
powers--disapproval or annulment of rules, grounds, procedure,
effect--publishing of rules, when--nonseverable--contingent
effective date.
536.031. Code to be published--to be revised monthly--incorporation by
reference authorized, courts to take judicial notice--incorporation
by reference of certain rules, how.
536.032. Code of state regulations, secretary of state authorized to make
nonsubstantive changes, when.
536.033. Sale of register and code of state regulations, cost, how
established--correction of clerical errors authorized.
536.035. Rules and orders to be permanent public record--executive orders to
be published in the Missouri Register.
536.037. Committee on administrative rules, members, meetings,
536.041. Any person may petition agency concerning rules, agency must furnish
copy to committee on administrative rules and commissioner of
administration together with its action--agency recommendations,
536.043. Director of social services not required to but may promulgate rules.
536.046. Public rulemaking docket, contents, publication.
536.050. Declaratory judgments respecting the validity of rules--fees and
expenses--standing, intervention by general assembly.
536.053. Standing to challenge rule.
536.055. Correspondence from state agencies, information required--must be
printed or typed.
536.060. Informal disposition of case by stipulation--summary action--waiver.
536.063. Contested case, how instituted--pleadings--copies sent parties.
536.067. Notice in contested case--mailing--contents--notice of hearing--time
536.068. Responsive pleadings to petitioner's complaint or petition to be
filed, when--extension--content--bench ruling or memorandum decision
on request, when.
536.070. Evidence--witnesses--objections--judicial notice--affidavits as
536.073. Depositions, use of--how taken--discovery, when
available--enforcement--administrative hearing commission to make
rules for depositions by stipulation--rules subject to suspension
by joint committee on administrative rules.
536.075. Discovery rule violations, sanctions.
536.077. Subpoenas, issuance--form--how served--how enforced.
536.080. Parties may file briefs--officials to hear or read evidence.
536.083. Hearing officer not to conduct rehearing or appeal involving same
issues and parties.
536.085. Definitions.
536.087. Reasonable fees and expenses awarded prevailing party in civil action
or agency proceeding--application, content, filed with court or
agency where party appeared--appeal by state, effect--power of
court or agency to reduce requested amount or deny, when--form of
award--judicial review, when.
536.090. Decisions in writing--notice.
536.095. Contempt--procedure for punishment.
536.100. Party aggrieved entitled to judicial review--waiver of independent
review, when.
536.110. Petition, when filed--process--venue.
536.120. Suspension of decisions or orders.
536.130. Record on judicial review.
536.140. Scope of judicial review--judgment--appeals.
536.150. Review by injunction or original writ, when--scope.
536.160. Refund of funds paid into court, when.
536.175. Periodic review required by state agencies, schedule, procedure.
536.200. Fiscal note for proposed rules affecting public funds, required when,
where filed, contents--failure to file,
procedure--publication--effect of failure to publish--first year
evaluation, publication--challenges to rule for failure to meet
requirement, time limitations.
536.205. Fiscal notes for proposed rules affecting private persons or entities,
required, when, where filed, contents--publication--effect of failure
to publish--challenges to rule for failure to comply, time
536.210. Fiscal note forms.
536.215. Revised fiscal notes required, when--rejection, when.
536.300. Proposed rules, effect on small business to be determined,
exceptions--impact statement to be prepared, when, contents.
536.303. Small business statement required for certain proposed rules,
536.305. Small business regulatory fairness board established, members,
terms, expenses, meetings--rulemaking authority.
536.310. Authority of board.
536.315. State agencies to consider board recommendations, response.
536.320. Waiver or reduction of administrative penalties,
when--inapplicability, when.
536.323. Small business objection to rules, petition may be filed,
grounds--procedure for petition.
536.325. Rules affecting small business, list provided by a board to
agencies--availability of list--testimony may be solicited.
536.328. Judicial review for small businesses adversely affected or aggrieved
by an agency action, procedure.

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