Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 556
Preliminary Provisions (Criminal Code)

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August 28, 2013

556.011. Short title.
556.016. Classes of crimes.
556.021. Infractions--defined, procedure--default judgment, when--effective
556.022. Signal of law enforcement officer, duty of drivers and riders to
obey--violations, penalty.
556.026. Offenses must be defined by statute.
556.031. Application to offenses committed before and after enactment.
556.036. Time limitations.
556.037. Time limitations for prosecutions for sexual offenses involving a
person under eighteen.
556.041. Limitation on conviction for multiple offenses.
556.046. Conviction of included offenses--jury instructions.
556.051. Burden of injecting the issue.
556.056. Affirmative defense.
556.061. Code definitions.
556.063. Definitions.

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