Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 565
Offenses Against the Person

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August 28, 2013

565.001. Procedure for chapter 565.
565.002. Definitions.
565.003. Culpable mental state may exist though different person killed--time
between act and death no defense.
565.004. Joinder of offenses, exception--prior offenders, procedure,
exception, first degree murder--joinder, first degree murder, waiver
of death penalty.
565.005. Prior to trial for first degree murder, opposing counsels to furnish
requested information, rules applied.
565.006. Waiver of jury trial permitted, when.
565.020. First degree murder, penalty--person under sixteen years of age not
to receive death penalty.
565.021. Second degree murder, penalty.
565.023. Voluntary manslaughter, penalty--under influence of sudden passion,
defendant's burden to inject.
565.024. Involuntary manslaughter, penalty.
565.025. Lesser degree offenses of first and second degree murder--instruction
on lesser offenses, when.
565.030. Trial procedure, first degree murder.
565.032. Evidence to be considered in assessing punishment in first degree
murder cases for which death penalty authorized.
565.035. Supreme court to review all death sentences, procedure--powers of
court--assistant to court authorized, duties.
565.040. Death penalty, if held unconstitutional, resentencing procedure.
565.050. Assault, first degree, penalty.
565.060. Assault, second degree, penalty.
565.063. Prior and persistent domestic violence
offenders--definitions--sentencing--procedure at trial--evidence
of prior convictions, proof, how heard--past history of domestic
violence, evidence admissible.
565.065. Unlawful endangerment of another, penalty.
565.070. Assault in the third degree.
565.072. Domestic assault, first degree--penalty.
565.073. Domestic assault, second degree--penalty.
565.074. Domestic assault, third degree--penalty.
565.075. Assault while on school property, penalty.
565.080. Consent as a defense.
565.081. Assault of a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, emergency
personnel, highway worker, utility worker, cable worker, or
probation and parole officer in the first degree, definition,
565.082. Assault of a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, emergency
personnel, highway worker, utility worker, cable worker, or
probation and parole officer in the second degree, definition,
565.083. Assault of a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, emergency
personnel, highway worker, utility worker, cable worker, or
probation and parole officer in the third degree, definition,
565.084. Tampering with a judicial officer, penalty.
565.085. Crime of endangering a corrections employee--definitions--penalty.
565.086. Endangering a mental health employee, visitor, or another offender,
definitions, penalty.
565.090. Harassment.
565.092. Aggravated harassment of an employee--penalty.
565.095. Cross burning prohibited, penalty--intent defined.
565.100. Lack of consent in kidnapping and crimes involving restraint.
565.110. Kidnapping--penalty.
565.115. Child kidnapping--penalty.
565.120. Felonious restraint.
565.130. False imprisonment.
565.140. Defenses to false imprisonment.
565.149. Definitions.
565.150. Interference with custody--penalty.
565.153. Parental kidnapping--penalty.
565.156. Child abduction--penalty.
565.160. Defenses to parental kidnapping and child abduction.
565.163. Venue.
565.165. Assisting in child abduction or parental kidnapping--penalty.
565.167. Custody of child--peace officer to take child into protective custody,
565.169. Restitution, expenses of custodial parent granted, when.
565.180. Elder abuse in the first degree--penalty.
565.182. Elder abuse in the second degree--penalty.
565.184. Elder abuse in the third degree--penalty.
565.186. Investigation of elder abuse--report.
565.188. Report of elder abuse, penalty--false report, penalty--evidence of
prior convictions.
565.190. Duty to report, immunity.
565.200. Skilled nursing facility residents, sexual contact or intercourse
with, penalties--consent not a defense.
565.210. Vulnerable person abuse in the first degree, penalty.
565.212. Vulnerable person abuse in the second degree, penalty.
565.214. Vulnerable person abuse in the third degree, penalty.
565.216. Investigation of reports of vulnerable person abuse, when.
565.218. Mandatory reporting of vulnerable person abuse.
565.220. Immunity from liability, when.
565.225. Crime of stalking--definitions--penalties.
565.250. Definitions.
565.252. Invasion of privacy, first degree, penalty.
565.253. Crime of invasion of privacy, second degree, penalties.
565.255. Time limitation to prosecute.
565.257. Law enforcement officers viewing or photographing during
investigations or in prisons for security not an invasion of privacy.
565.300. Infant's protection act--definitions--crime of
infanticide--penalty--exception--application of law.
565.350. Tampering with a prescription or a drug prescription order, crime

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