Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 566
Sexual Offenses

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August 28, 2013

566.010. Chapter 566 and chapter 568 definitions.
566.013. Criminal investigations, site of criminal conduct undetermined,
attorney general may subpoena witnesses and documents.
566.020. Mistake as to age--consent not a defense, when.
566.023. Marriage to victim, at time of offense, affirmative defense, for
certain crimes.
566.025. Evidence that defendant has committed other charged and uncharged
crimes of a sexual nature involving victims under fourteen admissible
to prove propensity to commit crime, when.
566.030. Rape in the first degree, penalties--suspended sentences not granted,
566.031. Rape in the second degree, penalties.
566.032. Statutory rape and attempt to commit, first degree, penalties.
566.034. Statutory rape, second degree, penalty.
566.040. (Transferred 2013, now 566.031)
566.060. Sodomy in the first degree, penalties--suspended sentence not granted,
566.061. Sodomy in the second degree, penalty.
566.062. Statutory sodomy and attempt to commit, first degree, penalties.
566.064. Statutory sodomy, second degree, penalty.
566.067. Child molestation, first degree, penalties.
566.068. Child molestation, second degree, penalties.
566.070. (Transferred 2013; now 566.061)
566.083. Sexual misconduct involving a child, penalty--applicability of
section--affirmative defense not allowed, when.
566.086. Sexual contact with a student.
566.090. (Transferred 2013; now 566.101)
566.093. Sexual misconduct, first degree, penalties.
566.095. Sexual misconduct, second degree, penalty.
566.100. Sexual abuse in the first degree, penalties.
566.101. Sexual abuse, second degree, penalties.
566.103. Crime of promoting online sexual solicitation, violation, penalty.
566.111. Unlawful sex with an animal, penalties.
566.135. Defendant may be tested for various sexually transmitted diseases,
566.140. Treatment and rehabilitation program for perpetrators of sexual
offenses, when--assessment or counseling services, provision of,
566.141. All probation or parole to be conditioned on receiving appropriate
566.145. Sexual contact with prisoner or
offender--definitions--penalty--consent not a defense.
566.147. Certain offenders not to reside within one thousand feet of a school
or child care facility.
566.148. Certain offenders not to physically be present or loiter within five
hundred feet of a child care facility--violation, penalty.
566.149. Certain offenders not to be present within five hundred feet of school
property, exception--permission required for parents or guardians
who are offenders, procedure--penalty.
566.150. Certain offenders not to be present or loiter within five hundred feet
of a public park or swimming pool--violation, penalty.
566.151. Enticement of a child, penalties.
566.153. Age misrepresentation, crime of--penalty.
566.155. Certain offenders not to serve as athletic coaches, managers, or
trainers--violation, penalty.
566.200. Definitions.
566.203. Abusing an individual through forced labor--penalty.
566.206. Trafficking for the purpose of slavery, involuntary servitude,
peonage, or forced labor--penalty.
566.209. Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation--penalty.
566.212. Sexual trafficking of a child--penalty.
566.213. Sexual trafficking of a child under age twelve--affirmative defense
not allowed, when--penalty.
566.215. Contributing to human trafficking--penalty.
566.218. Restitution required for certain offenders.
566.221. International marriage brokers, notice to recruits--criminal history
record and marital history record to be disseminated--client
requirements--violations, penalty.
566.223. Federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 to apply,
when--affirmative defense--procedures to identify victims,
training on protocols.
566.224. Polygraph tests and psychological stress evaluator exams not
permitted, when.
566.226. Identifiable information in court records to be redacted, when--access
to information permitted, when--disclosure of identifying
information regarding defendant, when.
566.265. Penalties for violations by corporations or businesses.

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