Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 569
Robbery, Arson, Burglary and Related Offenses

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August 28, 2013

569.010. Chapter definitions.
569.020. Robbery in the first degree.
569.025. Pharmacy robbery in the first degree, definitions, penalty.
569.030. Robbery in the second degree.
569.035. Pharmacy robbery in the second degree, definitions, penalty.
569.040. Arson in the first degree.
569.050. Arson in the second degree.
569.055. Knowingly burning or exploding.
569.060. Reckless burning or exploding.
569.065. Negligent burning or exploding.
569.067. Fire, negligence in setting or allowing to escape on cropland,
grassland, marsh, prairie, woodland.
569.070. Causing catastrophe.
569.072. Water contamination, penalty.
569.080. Tampering in the first degree.
569.090. Tampering in the second degree.
569.094. Computer printouts used as evidence, when.
569.095. Tampering with computer data, penalties.
569.097. Tampering with computer equipment, penalties.
569.099. Tampering with computer users, penalties.
569.100. Property damage in the first degree.
569.120. Property damage in the second degree.
569.130. Claim of right.
569.140. Trespass in the first degree.
569.145. Posting of property against trespassers, purple paint used to mark
streets and posts, requirements--entry on posted property is
trespassing in first degree, penalty.
569.150. Trespass in the second degree.
569.155. Trespass of a school bus, penalty--schools to establish student
behavior policy, when.
569.160. Burglary in the first degree.
569.170. Burglary in the second degree.
569.180. Possession of burglar's tools.

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