Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 570
Stealing and Related Offenses

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August 28, 2013

570.010. Chapter definitions.
570.020. Determination of value.
570.030. Stealing--penalties.
570.033. Stealing animals, penalty.
570.040. Stealing, third offense.
570.050. Aggregation of amounts involved in stealing.
570.055. Wire, device, or pipe associated with conducting electricity or
transporting combustible fuel--possession of prohibited,
570.060. Lost property.
570.070. Claim of right.
570.080. Receiving stolen property.
570.085. Alteration or removal of item numbers with intent to deprive lawful
570.087. Stealing, civil liability--parent or guardian civilly liable for
minor's stealing--conversion of shopping carts, penalty.
570.090. Forgery.
570.100. Possession of a forging instrumentality.
570.103. Crime of counterfeiting, definitions--penalty.
570.105. Seizure and forfeiture of counterfeit property.
570.110. Issuing a false instrument or certificate.
570.120. Crime of passing bad checks, penalty--actual notice given,
when--administrative handling costs, amount, deposit in fund--use
of fund--additional costs, amount--payroll checks, action,
when--service charge may be collected--return of bad check to
depositor by financial institution must be on condition that
issuer is identifiable.
570.123. Civil action for damages for passing bad checks, only original holder
may bring action--limitations--notice requirements--payroll checks,
action to be against employer.
570.125. Fraudulently stopping payment on an instrument, penalties.
570.130. Fraudulent use of a credit device or debit device--penalty.
570.135. Fraudulent procurement of a credit or debit card--penalty--limitation
of liability--personal identifying information, defined.
570.140. Deceptive business practice.
570.145. Financial exploitation of the elderly and disabled,
penalty--definitions--certain defense prohibited, additional
violation, restitution.
570.150. Commercial bribery.
570.155. Sports bribery--penalty.
570.160. False advertising.
570.170. Bait advertising.
570.180. Defrauding secured creditors.
570.190. Telephone service fraud.
570.200. Definitions.
570.210. Library theft, penalty.
570.215. Detention of suspect to investigate, not unlawful, when.
570.217. Misapplication of funds of a financial institution, penalties.
570.219. False entries in the records of a financial institution with intent to
defraud, penalty.
570.220. Check kiting, penalty--financial institution and collected funds
570.222. Identity theft--rights of victims--definition--incident reports,
discretion of law enforcement not affected.
570.223. Identity theft--penalty--restitution--other civil remedies
available--exempted activities.
570.224. Trafficking in stolen identities, crime of--possession of
documents, exemptions--violation, penalty.
570.225. Unauthorized recording prohibited, when.
570.226. Unauthorized recording for profit prohibited.
570.230. Sale or offer to sell unauthorized recordings prohibited.
570.235. Definitions.
570.240. Labeling required.
570.241. Sale of item produced in violation of law prohibited.
570.245. Exemptions from law.
570.255. Violations, how punished--forfeiture and destruction of
items--penalties not exclusive.
570.300. Theft of cable television service, penalty.
570.310. Prohibited acts--constitutes mortgage fraud--venue, where--acts not
precluded by prosecution.
570.380. Manufacture or possession of five or more fake IDs prohibited,

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