Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 573
Pornography and Related Offenses

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August 28, 2013

573.010. Definitions.
573.013. Criminal investigations, site of criminal conduct undetermined,
attorney general may subpoena witness and documents.
573.020. Promoting obscenity in the first degree.
573.023. Sexual exploitation of a minor, penalties.
573.025. Promoting child pornography in the first degree.
573.030. Promoting obscenity in the second degree.
573.035. Promoting child pornography in the second degree.
573.037. Possession of child pornography, penalty.
573.038. Property or material constituting child pornography to remain in
custody of the state--availability of, when.
573.040. Furnishing pornographic materials to minors.
573.050. Evidence in obscenity and child pornography cases.
573.052. Child pornography, attorney general authorized to investigate,
when--violator immune from civil liability, when.
573.060. Public display of explicit sexual material.
573.065. Coercing acceptance of obscene material.
573.070. Injunctions and declaratory judgments.
573.080. Preemption and standardization--cities, towns, and certain counties
may regulate, limitations.
573.090. Video cassettes, morbid violence, to be kept in separate area--sale or
rental to persons under seventeen prohibited, penalties.
573.100. Telephones, obscene or indecent commercial messages, direct or
electronic recording, penalties, exceptions.
573.500. Definitions.
573.503. Local government may require background checks.
573.505. Sales tax authorized, vote required--ballot--disposition of
revenue--termination--city and county background check tax trust
fund created, refunds--duties of director of revenue.
573.507. Minimum age limit--security personnel--random drug testing--space
limitation--prohibition of public displays.
573.509. Adult cabaret, persons less than nineteen years of age prohibited
from dancing, penalty.
573.525. Purpose--findings.
573.528. Definitions.
573.531. Establishment of business, prohibited where--nudity in establishment
prohibited--display of sexual activities, requirements--state
requirements--hours of operation--minors and alcohol prohibited.
573.534. Strict liability not imposed--mental state required for violation--act
by employee not imputed to the business, when.
573.537. Violations, penalty--public nuisance for repeated violations--state
remedies permitted.
573.540. No state preemption on regulation--consistency with state law required
for local law.

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