Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 575
Offenses Against the Administration of Justice

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August 28, 2013

575.010. Definitions.
575.020. Concealing an offense.
575.021. Obstruction of an ethics investigation, defenses, penalty.
575.030. Hindering prosecution.
575.040. Perjury.
575.050. False affidavit.
575.060. False declarations.
575.070. Proof of falsity of statements.
575.080. False reports.
575.090. False bomb report.
575.100. Tampering with physical evidence.
575.110. Tampering with a public record.
575.120. False impersonation--penalties.
575.130. Simulating legal process--nonconsensual common law lien unlawful,
575.145. Signal or direction of sheriff or deputy sheriff, duty to stop,
motor vehicle operators and riders of animals--violation, penalty.
575.150. Resisting or interfering with arrest--penalty.
575.153. Crime of disarming a peace officer or correctional officer--violation,
575.159. Aiding a sexual offender--penalty--applicability of section.
575.160. Interference with legal process.
575.170. Refusing to make an employee available for service of process.
575.180. Failure to execute an arrest warrant.
575.190. Refusal to identify as a witness.
575.195. Escape from commitment, detention, or conditional release--penalty.
575.200. Escape or attempted escape from custody.
575.205. Tampering with electronic monitoring equipment.
575.206. Violating a condition of lifetime supervision.
575.210. Escape or attempted escape from confinement--penalty.
575.220. Failure to return to confinement.
575.230. Aiding escape of a prisoner.
575.240. Permitting escape.
575.250. Disturbing a judicial proceeding.
575.260. Tampering with a judicial proceeding.
575.270. Tampering with a witness--tampering with a victim.
575.280. Acceding to corruption.
575.290. Improper communication.
575.300. Misconduct by a juror.
575.310. Misconduct in selecting or summoning a juror.
575.320. Misconduct in administration of justice.
575.350. Killing or disabling a police animal--penalty.
575.353. Assault on a police animal--penalty.

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