Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 578
Miscellaneous Offenses

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August 28, 2013

578.005. Definitions.
578.007. Acts and facilities to which sections 578.005 to 578.023 do not apply.
578.008. Agroterrorism, crime of--penalty--defenses.
578.009. Animal neglect and abandonment--penalties.
578.010. (Transferred 1983; now 574.075)
578.011. Animal trespass, penalty.
578.012. Animal abuse--penalties.
578.013. Recordings of farm animals alleged to be abused or neglected,
submission to law enforcement required--violation, penalty.
578.014. Responsibility of parent or guardian of minor owning.
578.016. Impoundment of animal found off property of owner or custodian,
disposition, procedure--liability of owner or custodian for
costs--lien--rights of owner or custodian.
578.018. Warrant for entry on private property to inspect--impoundment of
animals, disposition.
578.020. (Transferred 1983; now 578.150)
578.021. Neglected or abused animal not to be returned to owner or custodian,
578.022. Law enforcement dogs, exempt from certain laws, when.
578.023. Keeper of dangerous wild animals must register animals,
578.024. Subsequent dog bites, liability of owner, penalty--exceptions.
578.025. Dogs, fighting, training to fight or injuring for amusement or gain,
penalty--spectator, penalty.
578.027. Dogs pursuing live animal propelled by device, causing, penalty.
578.028. Removal of certain collars from dogs with intent to prevent or hinder
locating the dog, restitution required.
578.029. Knowingly releasing an animal, crime of--penalty.
578.030. State highway patrol and other law enforcement officers,
powers and duties to enforce animal protection.
578.050. Bullbaiting and cockfighting--penalty.
578.075. Blindness, feigning for profit.
578.095. Desecration of flags--penalty.
578.100. Selling goods on Sunday, penalty--certain counties may be exempted
from prohibition--procedure--duty of revisor of statutes.
578.105. Additional counties may be exempted from provisions of section
578.100, procedure.
578.106. City of St. Louis, certain areas, may be exempt from Sunday sales law,
578.110. Counties may be exempted from provisions of section 578.100,
578.115. No penalty, when.
578.120. Sale of motor vehicles on Sunday prohibited, exceptions--encouragement
by certain associations to remain closed on Sundays not a violation of
antitrust laws--violations, penalty.
578.150. Failure to return rented personal property--evidence of intent to
violate, when--law enforcement
578.151. Interference with lawful hunting, fishing or trapping in the first
578.152. Interference with lawful hunting, fishing or trapping in the second
578.153. Peace officer's and conservation agent's powers to enforce--failure
to obey peace officer or conservation agent, penalty.
578.154. Possession of anhydrous ammonia, crime of--penalty.
578.155. (Transferred 1993; now 260.216)
578.170. Definitions.
578.173. Baiting or fighting animals--penalty.
578.176. Bear wrestling--penalty.
578.179. Seizure and disposition of animals.
578.182. Exemptions.
578.185. Injunction.
578.188. Severability.
578.200. Citation of law.
578.205. Definitions.
578.210. Entering, attempt to enter, defacing without permission, prohibited.
578.215. Cave or subsurface waters, placing structures or substances in
violation of clean water law, prohibited, exceptions.
578.220. Exceptions, certain mining operations.
578.225. Violations, penalty.
578.250. Inhalation or inducing others to inhale solvent fumes to cause certain
reactions, prohibited--exceptions.
578.255. Inducing, or possession with intent to induce, symptoms by use of
certain solvents and other substances, prohibited.
578.260. Possession or purchase of solvents to aid others in violations,
prohibited--violations of sections 578.250 to 578.260--penalty.
578.265. Selling or transferring solvents to cause certain symptoms,
penalty--certain alcoholic beverage sellers prohibited from
selling, penalty.
578.300. Definitions.
578.305. Bus hijacking, definition, penalty--assault with intent to commit bus
hijacking, penalty, with a deadly weapon, penalty--possession and
concealment of deadly weapon by passenger, penalty, exception.
578.310. Bombs and explosives placed in or near bus or terminal--threat to
commit offense--discharging firearms or hurling missiles--penalties.
578.315. Vulgar or profane language--passenger under influence of alcohol or
drugs, penalties, exceptions--driver may remove passenger from bus,
578.320. Refusal of admission to terminal--requests for identification or to
leave terminal authorized, failure to comply, penalty.
578.325. Detention in terminal by security guard authorized--no criminal or
civil liability, exception.
578.330. Removal of baggage or cargo without owner's permission, penalty.
578.350. Gunshot wounds--physicians, nurses, therapists, duty to report,
content--violation, penalty.
578.353. Immunity from civil liability, when.
578.360. Definitions.
578.363. Colleges and universities to have written policy prohibiting hazing.
578.365. Hazing--consent not a defense--penalties.
578.375. Definitions.
578.377. Unlawful receipt of public assistance benefits or EBT cards--grades of
offense, penalty.
578.379. Unlawful conversion of public assistance benefits or EBT cards--grades
of offense, penalty.
578.381. Unlawful transfer of public assistance benefits or EBT cards--grades
of offense, penalty.
578.383. Grade of offense, how determined.
578.385. Perjury--committed when obtaining public assistance, penalty.
578.387. Director of department of social services, attorney
general--investigative powers--improper disclosure of
information, penalty.
578.389. Enhanced penalty for multiple convictions.
578.390. Welfare fraud telephone hot line, attorney general, duties.
578.392. Detection of fraud, department to study methods, report.
578.395. (Repealed L. 2007 1st Ex. Sess. H.B. 1 A)
578.405. Citation of law--definitions.
578.407. Prohibited actions against animals, facilities, equipment and records.
578.409. Penalties for violations.
578.412. Director, law enforcement officers, authority to investigate--rules,
578.414. The crop protection act--director defined.
578.416. Prohibited acts.
578.418. Violations, penalties--civil actions, when.
578.420. Investigation of alleged violations--rulemaking authority.
578.421. Definitions.
578.423. Participating knowingly in criminal street gang activities,
penalty--persons between ages of fourteen and seventeen
participating to be transferred to courts of general
578.425. Felony or misdemeanors committed to promote or assist criminal conduct
by gang members, punishment in addition to regular sentences.
578.427. Labor union activities and other employee activities, exempt--local
governments may adopt laws consistent with and alternative to.
578.430. Buildings, rooms and structures used for criminal street gangs'
activities deemed public nuisances--owner knowing of gang use, court
may order no occupancy up to one year.
578.433. Unlawful to maintain public nuisance--charges may be filed against
owners and occupants--penalty, class C felony.
578.435. Weapon defined--weapons owned or in possession of gang members may be
confiscated--weapon deemed a nuisance and destroyed by court order,
578.437. Weapon not to be declared a nuisance unless notice given to lawful
owner, procedure--burden of proof on state that return of weapon
would endanger lives.
578.445. Possession of tool to break into vending machine, with intent to
steal--owner of vending machine may bring civil action for damages,
578.450. Posting of certain information over the internet prohibited, when.
578.500. Operating an audiovisual recording device in a motion picture
theater--definitions--violations, penalty.
578.501. Funeral protests prohibited, when--citation of law--definitions.
578.502. Funeral protests prohibited, when--funeral defined.
578.503. Contingent effective date.
578.510. Misuse of military medals, penalty--misrepresentation of awarding of
military medals, penalty--fraudulent use of the title of veteran,
578.520. Private land, permission of owner needed to fish, hunt, or trap,
penalty for violation.
578.525. Private land, retrieval of wildlife, permission of owner
required--penalty for violation.
578.530. Affirmative defense.
578.570. Fraud or deception in obtaining an instruction permit, driver's
license, or nondriver's license--penalty.
578.600. Citation of law--definitions.
578.602. Prohibited acts--purpose of act--permit required, procedure.
578.604. Identification number on animal required.
578.606. USDA regulations and standards, compliance with required--death of
animal, notification of department required.
578.608. Animal may be killed, when, by whom--immunity from liability,
when--trespass by animal, when.
578.610. Death or injury of a human by animal, liability of owner--liability
insurance required--escape or release of animal, notification
578.612. Permit for transport of animal required.
578.614. Violations, penalty--exceptions.
578.616. Civil forfeiture, when.
578.618. Local laws, more restrictive permitted.
578.620. Inapplicability of act.
578.622. Additional exemptions
578.624. Large carnivore fund created, use of moneys.
578.625. Unavailability of use of certain moneys

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