Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 589
Crime Prevention and Control Programs and Services

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August 28, 2013

589.010. Short title.
589.015. Definitions.
589.020. Duties of department of elementary and secondary education--school
programs--local boards have discretion.
589.030. Duties of department of public safety--grants--statistics--training
programs--reports--telephone reporting system.
589.035. Center to be separate entity within department--effective date.
589.040. Duties of department of corrections--certain inmates to participate in
589.042. Authority to require registered sexual offenders to provide access to
personal home computer.
589.200. Definitions.
589.205. Insurer may notify authorized agency of suspected fraudulent theft
claim, provide information.
589.210. Authorized agency may require information relevant to theft claim from
589.215. Release of information by authorized agency to others--insurer
entitled to information, when--immunity from liability for providing
589.300. Definitions.
589.303. Center established, powers.
589.305. Department may solicit funds.
589.307. Fund established, administration, purpose.
589.310. Establishment and enhancement of local crime prevention
programs--proactive partnership prevention approach--amount of
589.400. Registration of certain offenders with chief law officers of county of
residence--time limitation--cities may request copy of
registration--fees--automatic removal from registry--petitions
for removal--procedure, notice, denial of petition--higher
education students and workers--persons removed.
589.402. Internet search capability of registered sex offenders to be
maintained--information to be made available--newspaper
589.403. Correctional facility or mental health institution releasing on parole
or discharge, official in charge, duties.
589.405. Court's duties upon release of sexual offender.
589.407. Registration, required information--substantiating accuracy of
589.410. Highway patrol to be notified, information to be made a part of
589.414. Registrant's duties on change of address--time limitations for
certain notifications--change in online identifiers, duty to
589.415. Probation and parole officers to notify law enforcement of sex
offender change of residence, when--probation officer defined.
589.417. Statements, photographs and fingerprints required not to be public
records--disclosure authorized for law enforcement officials and
agencies--complete list of offenders maintained--released upon
589.420. Temporary assignment outside correctional facility or mental health
institution--official in charge to notify before release--exception.
589.425. Failure to register, penalty--subsequent violations, penalty.
589.426. Halloween, restrictions on conduct--violations, penalty.
589.500. Title.
589.503. Purpose.
589.506. Definitions.
589.509. Compact commission, duties, members, voting--executive committee
589.512. Commissioner appointed, membership of state council.
589.515. Commission powers and duties.
589.518. Bylaws, organization and operation.
589.521. Chairperson and vice chairperson elected, duties--executive director
appointed, duties.
589.524. Maintenance of corporate books and records.
589.527. Qualified immunity, defense and indemnification.
589.530. Actions of commission, procedure.
589.533. Rulemaking authority, procedure.
589.536. Oversight.
589.539. Dispute resolution.
589.542. Enforcement.
589.545. Payment of expenses--annual assessment collected--incurring of
obligations, restrictions--accounts maintained.
589.548. Eligibility of compacting states--effective date of
589.551. Withdrawal.
589.554. Default.
589.557. Judicial enforcement.
589.560. Dissolution of compact.
589.563. Severability clause.
589.566. Effect of other laws.
589.569. Binding effect of the compact.
589.660. Definitions.
589.663. Program created, purpose, procedures
589.666. Cancellation of certification, when.
589.669. Address accepted as participant's address, when.
589.672. Availability of participant addresses.
589.675. Inspection and copying of addresses, when.
589.678. Application not a public record.
589.681. Rulemaking authority.
589.683. Inapplicability of Missouri sunset act.

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