Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 630
Department of Mental Health

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August 28, 2013

630.003. Department created--state mental health commission--Missouri institute
of mental health--transfers of powers and agencies.
630.005. Definitions.
630.010. Mental health commission--members, terms, qualifications, appointment,
vacancies, compensation--organization, meetings.
630.015. Director, appointment--duties of commission.
630.020. Departmental goals, duties.
630.025. Director to head department--compensation--not to have private
practice--director may conduct inquiries, issue subpoenas.
630.030. Division directors, appointment, removal--appointment of other general
630.035. Appointment of facility heads, medical staffs.
630.040. Facility administrative officers to have general charge and control.
630.045. Appointment of persons for civil involuntary detention actions.
630.050. Rules, promulgation, procedure--public inspection--facility policies.
630.053. Mental health earnings fund--uses--rules and regulations, procedure.
630.055. Research activities by department.
630.060. Cooperation with other groups.
630.065. Planning activities by department.
630.070. Workers' compensation law extended to employees of department.
630.075. Personnel recruitment, development and training.
630.080. State auditor may examine records--personally identifiable information
not to be revealed.
630.085. Annual report by director, to whom, when, contents.
630.090. Department to receive federal grants and aids,
when--administration--application approval--reports.
630.095. Copyrights and trademarks by department.
630.097. Comprehensive children's mental health service system to be
developed--team established, members, duties--plan to be
developed, content--evaluations to be conducted, when.
630.110. Patient's rights--limitations.
630.115. Patient's entitlements--administrative review of violations.
630.120. No presumptions.
630.125. Explanation of rights and entitlements.
630.127. Notification protocols--rulemaking authority.
630.130. Electroconvulsive therapy, procedure--prohibitions--attorney's fees.
630.133. Psychosurgery, consent required--not to be performed by department.
630.135. Rules regarding patient's rights.
630.140. Records confidential, when--may be disclosed, to whom, how,
when--release to be documented--court records confidential,
630.145. Department to release information to next of kin and persons
responsible for costs, when.
630.150. Disclosure of absence to be made, when, to whom.
630.155. Mistreatment of patient--defined--penalty.
630.160. Furnishing unfit food--defined--penalty.
630.163. Mandatory reporting requirements.
630.165. Suspected abuse of patient, report, by whom made, contents--effect of
failure to report--penalty.
630.167. Investigation of report, when made, by whom--abuse prevention by
removal, procedure--reports confidential, privileged,
exceptions--immunity of reporter, notification--retaliation
prohibited--administrative discharge of employee, appeal
630.168. Suspected abuse to be reported.
630.170. Disqualification for employment because of conviction--appeal
process--criminal record review, procedure--registry maintained,
when--appeals procedure.
630.175. Physical and chemical restraints prohibited, exceptions--security
escort devices and certain extraordinary measures not considered
physical restraint.
630.180. Treatment by religious practice to be permitted.
630.183. Officers may authorize medical treatment for patient.
630.186. Purchase of food limited to that for use of patients.
630.192. Limitations on research activities in mental health facilities and
630.193. Professional review committee to make recommendations to
director--committee members, appointment, qualifications, terms,
compensation--organization and meetings.
630.194. Professional review committee to review proposals, make report and
recommendations--director to approve or disapprove--to review work in
630.196. Research review committee at department facilities--committee members,
appointment, qualifications, terms, compensation--organization and
630.198. Duties of research review committee.
630.199. Research involving persons civilly detained, sections applicable.
630.200. Discrimination prohibited.
630.205. Patient or representative liable for costs of services
rendered--parents not liable, when--denial of services for
inability to pay prohibited, when--department subrogated to
rights of patient, parent, or recipient, when.
630.210. Charges for pay patients--each facility considered a separate
unit--director to determine rules for means test and domicile
verification--failure to pay, effect--exceptions, emergency
treatment for transients--waiver of means test for certain
children, when.
630.215. Pay patient, how determined--estate of patient, court to notify
director and conservator--failure to pay, may discharge--appeal.
630.220. Court actions by department on behalf of institutions--interest on
accounts of patients.
630.225. Pay patient to be provided suitable clothing before admission--may
receive gifts of clothing.
630.305. Funds of patient, control, expenditure, return, safekeeping.
630.310. Receipt of funds of patient, procedure.
630.315. Department may become payee for patient, procedure.
630.320. Disposition of unclaimed funds of patient--escheats, procedure.
630.325. Disposition of unclaimed personal property of patient.
630.330. Department may receive gifts--disposal of gift property--mental health
trust fund created.
630.335. Canteens and commissaries authorized--operation.
630.340. Sheltered workshops and activity centers authorized--operation.
630.345. (Transferred 1994; now 630.053)
630.350. Limitation on bank accounts.
630.405. Purchase of services, procedure--commissioner of administration to
cooperate--rules, procedure.
630.407. Administrative entities may be recognized, when--contracting with
vendors--subcontracting--department to promulgate rules.
630.410. Evaluation of contracts.
630.415. Terms of contracts.
630.420. Affiliation agreements from vendors required.
630.425. Incentive grants authorized--rules and regulations--duration of
630.430. Commissioner of administration to make rules and regulations for
incentive grants.
630.435. Affiliation agreements from grantees required.
630.440. Payment to grantees, procedure.
630.445. Records required of vendors or grantees, contents--access for
630.450. Duplication of programs to be avoided.
630.455. Attorney general to seek restitution for department.
630.460. Overpayment, defined--overpayment reimbursement request by department,
procedure, review procedure--interest, amount, when--collection of
overpayment, attorney general.
630.461. Review committee for purchasing established, duties--members,
qualifications--recommendations due when, failure to recommend,
effect--committee disbanded, January 1, 1996.
630.462. Contractors for community psychiatric rehabilitation, reviews, how
630.505. Department to name facilities.
630.510. Inventory of facilities--plan for new facilities.
630.525. Destruction of obsolete structures--procedure.
630.535. Unneeded property may be transferred to another state
630.540. Proposed transfers and conveyances to be reviewed.
630.545. Board and living quarters for employees of facilities.
630.546. Lease purchase agreement authorized for use of facilities
constructed by private developer on grounds of existing St. Louis
state hospital, procedure--deemed to be public works, wage rate.
630.550. Centralized supply warehouses established, costs--mental health
central supply fund, created, administered--charges, operation of
630.575. Council created, members, duties, terms, meetings.
630.580. Education and awareness programs established--cooperation of state
630.605. Placement programs to be maintained.
630.610. Applications for placement--criteria to be considered.
630.615. Program standards to be considered--prior to placement.
630.620. Facilities and programs to be utilized in making placements.
630.625. Consent required for placement.
630.630. Alternative proposals to be prepared.
630.635. Procedure when consent not given--review panel to be named--notice and
hearing required--appeal--emergency transfers may be made.
630.640. Costs of benefits may be paid by department--recovery.
630.645. Follow-up care.
630.650. Cooperation with department of social services.
630.655. Rules for standards for placement facilities and programs--required
630.656. Waiver or exception request of administrative rule or standard,
630.660. Written contracts required.
630.705. Rules for standards for facilities and programs for persons affected
by mental disorder, mental illness, or developmental
disability--classification of facilities and programs--certain
facilities and programs not to be licensed.
630.710. Required standards.
630.715. Licensing of residential facilities and day programs--fee--affidavit.
630.717. Alcohol and drug abuse facilities and programs exempt--fire, safety
standards compliance--report to general assembly.
630.720. Issuance of license, term--temporary permits, when--may be
630.725. Denial or revocation--appeal--determination by administrative hearing
commission--notice of revocation, when.
630.730. Inspection by department and others, when--may be ordered, when.
630.735. License required.
630.740. Penalty for failure to obtain license--attorney general to represent
department--relief to be granted.
630.745. Noncompliance with law revealed by inspection--procedure--corrective
measures, time limit--reinspection, when--probationary
license--posting of noncompliance notices.
630.750. Procedure upon finding of noncompliance which may present health or
safety dangers.
630.755. Injunctive relief may be requested--action to have priority--civil
penalties may be assessed, procedure.
630.760. Patients to have same rights as those for residents of nursing homes.
630.763. Receiver may be requested, by whom, when.
630.766. Monitor may be assigned by department--to advise operator as to
compliance--report to department.
630.769. Venue for appointment of receiver--copy of petition to be
provided--hearing thereon within five days, determination within
fifteen--court to appoint receiver if grounds exist.
630.772. Emergency procedure.
630.775. Powers and duties of receiver.
630.778. Receiver may disregard certain contracts--factors to be
considered--court may order temporary noncompliance.
630.781. Compensation of receiver.
630.784. Receiver may receive license.
630.787. Receivership may be terminated by court, when.
630.790. Accounting of receiver, when--judgment for deficiencies--priority of
receiver's claim.
630.793. Liabilities of receivers and licensees.
630.805. Nonresidents may be returned to place of residence, when--reciprocal
agreements authorized--transportation costs.
630.810. Compact enacted--form.
630.815. Director of department to make rules--cooperate in administration.
630.820. Supplementary agreements authorized, when effective.
630.825. Expenses, how paid.
630.830. Transfer of patient, duty of administrator.
630.835. Copies of law furnished other states.
630.850. Compact enacted--form.
630.855. Contracts authorized, limitations.
630.900. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
630.910. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
630.915. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 A)
630.925. Mental health fatality review panel established, members, duties.
630.927. Rulemaking authority.
630.945. Maximum and intermediate facilities, work hours limited--exception for
630.950. Immunity from liability, when.
630.975. Rulemaking authority--disclosure of records, when.
630.1000. Office of comprehensive child mental health established,
duties--staff authorized.
630.1005. Comprehensive child mental health clinical advisory council
established, members, duties.

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