Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 631
Alcohol and Drug Abuse

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August 28, 2013

631.005. Definitions.
631.010. Responsibilities, powers, functions and duties of division.
631.015. Division director to be chief administrative officer.
631.020. Advisory council on alcohol and drug abuse--members, terms,
qualifications, appointment--organization, meetings--duties.
631.025. Services to be provided.
631.030. Department to develop state plan, contents.
631.035. Department director to establish regions.
631.040. Department director may establish regional councils--division director
to appoint members--terms and qualifications of members.
631.045. Duties of regional advisory councils--plans.
631.050. Facilities and programs of department shall include certain standards
for persons receiving alcohol and drug abuse treatment.
631.100. Facilities for treatment of alcohol and drug abuse, service areas.
631.102. Methadone treatment programs, department to develop criteria to
631.105. Voluntary admission to treatment facility.
631.110. Discharge of voluntary client, when--denial of request for release,
when, effect.
631.115. Detention for evaluation and treatment, who may
631.120. Involuntary detention--request by professionals--procedure--duration.
631.125. Facilities to accept certain applicants, when.
631.130. Information to be furnished to patient, assistance.
631.135. Information to be furnished to patient and others.
631.140. Additional detention may be requested--contents of petition.
631.145. Hearing for continued detention, procedure--patient's rights relating
631.150. Further additional detention may be requested--hearing to be held
when--treatment plan to be presented.
631.155. Custody ordered to director of department, duty of placement.
631.160. Hospitalization outside treatment facility, when.
631.165. Transfer of patient to a mental health facility, when, procedure.
631.170. Head of facility may request sheriff to return absent client, when.
631.175. Other sections which apply to alcohol or drug abuse facilities.

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