Missouri Constitution

Article VI
Section 22

August 28, 2013

Laws affecting charter cities--officers and employees.

Section 22. No law shall be enacted creating or fixing the powers, duties or compensation of any municipal office or employment, for any city framing or adopting its own charter under this or any previous constitution, and all such offices or employments heretofore created shall cease at the end of the terms of any present incumbents.

(1958) Office of license collector in St. Louis City is a "county office" and constitutional provision (Art. VI 22) does not effect its abolition as a municipal office. Preisler v. Hayden (Mo.), 309 S.W.2d 645.

(1968) As applied to constitutional charter cities, 290.350 and 290.360, RSMo, are unconstitutional and void as imposing duties upon a municipal officer. State ex rel. Burke v. Cervantes (Mo.), 423 S.W.2d 791.

(1972) City home rule charter provision which provided that salary of firemen should not be less than those of corresponding ranks of police whose pay scale was set by state legislature is constitutional. State ex rel. St. Louis F.F. Ass'n No. 73 v. Stemmler (Mo.), 479 S.W.2d 456.

(1975) Chapter 610, RSMo, held not to violate this section by imposing duties on the St. Louis city board of apportionment not required by the city charter. Cohen v. Poelker (Mo.), 520 S.W.2d 50.

(1996) General assembly may not tell the officers of a charter city what they must do; it may, however, limit the powers a charter city may exercise through its officers. City of Springfield v. Goff, 918 S.W.2d 786 (Mo.banc 1996).

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