Missouri Constitution

Article III

August 28, 2013


1 Legislative power--general assembly.
2 Election of representatives--apportionment commission, appointment,
duties, compensation.
4 Qualifications of representatives.
5 Senators--number--senatorial districts.
6 Qualifications of senators.
7 Senatorial apportionment commission--number, appointment, duties,
8 Term limitations for members of General Assembly.
9 Apportionment of representatives.
10 Basis of apportionment--alteration of districts.
11 Time of election of senators and representatives.
12 Members of general assembly disqualified from holding other offices.
13 Vacation of office by removal of residence.
14 Writs of election to fill vacancies.
15 Oath of office of members of assembly--administration--effect of
refusal to take oath and conviction of violation.
16 Compensation, mileage allowance and expenses of general assembly
17 Limitation on number of legislative employees.
18 Appointment of officers of houses--jurisdiction to determine
membership--power to make rules, punish for contempt and disorderly
conduct and expel members.
19 Legislative privileges.
20 Regular sessions of assembly--quorum--compulsory attendance--public
sessions--limitation on power to adjourn.
20(a) Automatic adjournment--tabling of bills, when.
20(b) Special session, procedure to convene--limitations--automatic
21 Style of laws--bills--limitation on amendments--power of each house to
originate and amend bills--reading of bills.
22 Referral of bills to committees--recall of referred bills--records of
committees--provision for interim meetings.
23 Limitation of scope of bills--contents of titles--exceptions.
24 Printing of bills and amendments.
25 Limitation on introduction of bills.
26 Legislative journals--demand for yeas and nays--manner and record of
27 Concurrence in amendments--adoption of conference committee reports
--final passage of bills.
28 Form of reviving, reenacting and amending bills.
29 Effective date of laws--exceptions--procedure in emergencies and upon
30 Signing of bills by presiding officers--procedure on objections
--presentation of bills to governor.
31 Governor's duty as to bills--time limitations--failure to return,
bill becomes law.
32 Vetoed bills reconsidered, when.
34 Revision of general statutes--limitation on compensation.
35 Committee on legislative research.
36 Payment of state revenues and receipts to treasury--limitation of
withdrawals to appropriations--order of appropriations.
37 Limitation on state debts and bond issues.
37(a) State building bond issue authorized--interest rate--payment from
income tax and other funds.
37(b) Water pollution control fund established--bonds authorized--funds to
stand appropriated.
37(c) Additional water pollution control bonds authorized--procedure.
37(d) Third state building bond issue authorized--procedures--use of funds.
37(e) Water pollution control, improvement of drinking water systems and
storm water control--amount of indebtedness, bonds authorized,
37(f) Fourth state building bond and interest fund created--bond issue
authorized, procedure--use of funds.
37(g) Rural water and sewer grants and loans--bonds authorized, procedure
--appropriation of funds, limitations.
37(h) Storm water control plans, studies and projects--bonds authorized,
procedure--storm water control bond and interest fund created,
administration (includes St. Louis City and counties of the first
38(a) Limitation on use of state funds and credit--exceptions--public
calamity--blind pensions--old age assistance--aid to children--direct
relief--adjusted compensation for veterans--rehabilitation
--participation in federal aid.
38(b) Tax levy for blind pension fund.
38(c) Neighborhood improvement districts, cities and counties may be
authorized to establish, powers and duties--limitation on
38(d) Stem cell research--title of law--permissible research--violations,
penalty--report required, when--prohibited acts--definitions.
39 Limitation of power of general assembly.
39(a) Bingo may be authorized--requirements.
39(b) State lottery, authority to establish--lottery proceeds fund
established, purpose.
39(c) Pari-mutuel wagering may be authorized by general assembly--horse
racing commission established, election procedure to adopt or reject
horse racing.
39(d) Gaming revenues to be appropriated to public institutions of
elementary, secondary and higher education.
39(e) Riverboat gambling authorized on Missouri and Mississippi Rivers
--boats in moats authorized.
39(f) Raffles and sweepstakes, charitable or religious organizations may
sponsor, standards and conditions.
40 Limitations on passage of local and special laws.
41 Indirect enactment of local and special laws--repeal of local and
special laws.
42 Notice of proposed local or special laws.
43 Title and control of lands of United States--exemption from taxation
--taxation of lands of nonresidents.
44 Uniform interest rates.
45 Congressional apportionment.
45(a) Term limitations for members of U.S. Congress--effective when
--voluntary observance required, when.
46 Militia.
46(a) Emergency duties and powers of assembly on enemy attack.
47 State parks--appropriations for, required.
48 Historical memorials and monuments--acquisition of property.
49 Reservation of power to enact and reject laws.
50 Initiative petitions--signatures required--form and procedure.
51 Appropriations by initiative--effective date of initiated laws
--conflicting laws concurrently adopted.
52(a) Referendum--exceptions--procedure.
52(b) Veto power--elections--effective date.
53 Basis for computation of signatures required.

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