Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 3
Statutory Revision


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Judicial conference to report unconstitutional and defective laws to general assembly, 476.350
Mentally retarded and mental retardation to be replaced in state statute with intellectually disabled and intellectual disability, 630.006
Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Revision bill, content, 23.045
Statutes to be revised, digested and promulgated at least every ten years, Const. Art. III § 34
3.010 Revised statutes to be published, when--costs.
3.020. Contents.
3.030. Parts of acts to be omitted.
3.040. Laws to be omitted.
3.050. Arrangement--headnotes--numbering--source notes--index.
3.060. Powers of committee in preparing editions.
3.065. Section amended by several acts, how published--conflicts with revising acts, effect.
3.066. Statutes declared unconstitutional on procedural grounds, duties of the revisor--statute enjoined, revisor's duty to publish footnote.
3.070. Revisor of statutes--appointment--duties--office.
3.080. Original rolls furnished revisor.
3.090. Comparison of printed statutes with original rolls--certification--evidence of laws--publication on website.
3.100. Legislative research committee to determine character of publication.
3.110. Printing of statutes, how obtained.
3.120. Future revision--subcommittee on revision--advisory group.
3.125. Supplements or pocket parts, publication--reports.
3.130. Committee to determine number of copies--distribution.
3.140. Sale of revised statutes, procedure for--cost, how determined.
3.142. Statutory revision fund, established, purposes.
3.145. Temporary laws, how printed.
3.150. Revisor of statutes to recodify court costs into one chapter.

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