Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 23
Committee on Legislative Research


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Committee on legislative research, members, appointment, expenses, Const. Art. III § 35
Committee to approve projects with board of public buildings, 8.661
County commissions to file reports with oversight division, 49.098
Department of natural resources' report on expenditures of federal funds submitted to oversight division, 253.024, 260.090
Directors of legislative research and oversight division, ex officio members of the joint committee on transportation oversight, 21.795
Freshmen tour, general assembly new members, duties of committee, 21.183 to 21.187
Health care and health insurance mandates, actuarial analysis by oversight division, 376.1190, 376.1192, 376.1235
Humanities council, report to oversight division, 186.067
Initiative petitions, committee to hold hearings and provide summary to secretary of state, 116.153
Joint committee on education, legislative research to provide technical assistance, 160.254
Joint committee on justice system, legislative research to provide technical assistance, 21.880
Judicial circuit realignment plan, publication of, 478.073
Office buildings, acquisition and revenue bonds, duties of joint committee on legislative research, 8.370 to 8.460
Prison impact statements, fiscal notes, 217.022
Public television grants, report to oversight division, 185.225
Revisor of statutes, duties of committee, Chap. 3
Session laws and journals, duties of committee, Chap. 2
State departments, receipts and expenditures, monthly report to oversight division, 21.520
Study commission on state tax policy, legislative research to provide technical assistance, 136.450
23.010. Establishing a committee on legislative research--members--appointment--discharge.
23.020. Duties of committee.
23.030. Legislative library--reference service.
23.040. Service concerning bills.
23.045. Revision bill, content.
23.050. Committee empowered to obtain information concerning state departments and institutions--assemble information and make report.
23.060. Legislative library, material available to whom--procuring information from other state agencies.
23.070. Committee on legislative research, officers, how selected--director, duties of--meetings, when held, quorum, number required for.
23.080. Director of committee on legislative research--how employed, compensation, qualifications--staff--oversight division supervision--library expenditures authorized.
23.090. Legislative library and other space under control of committee on legislative research.
23.140. Fiscal notes required for legislation--exceptions--contents--interference with staff prohibited--cooperation of agencies--changes in fiscal notes, hearings, procedure.
23.150. Oversight division organized, duties--subcommittee may be formed--number appointed, qualifications, powers and duties--oversight director and staff employed, qualifications.
23.153. Record kept by staff member on persons initiating inquiries or attempting to influence content of fiscal note--penalty.
23.156. Oath required, oversight division employees--violation, penalty.
23.160. Definition of program evaluation.
23.170. Evaluations, procedures to require or request--inspection of agency records, exceptions--time limitation for evaluations--presentation of completed evaluations, when.
23.180. Powers of committee.
23.190. Recommendations made to agency--response procedure for agency--evaluation reports, distribution, charge for public--review of agency in one year, report.
23.195. Register of all state bonds and evidence of indebtedness--content of register--report by division to general assembly, when, purpose--copies delivered to whom--all state agencies and state auditor to furnish information.
23.205. Annual report by committee on laws which expire, sunset, terminate or become ineffective in two years.
23.250. Title.
23.253. New programs to sunset, when--definitions--reauthorized programs, effect of--review of programs, when.
23.256. Information to be reported by agencies to joint committee on legislative research, when.
23.259. Sunsetting of programs, duties of the committee.
23.262. Public hearings conducted for sunsetting programs, when.
23.265. Report to general assembly on sunsetting programs, content--presentation by oversight division.
23.268. Criteria considered by committee.
23.271. Program reports, content--portions of report to be submitted to state auditor.
23.274. Exemption for certain agencies, when.
23.277. Monitoring of legislation during session.
23.280. Sunset act not to prohibit certain activities of the general assembly.
23.283. Sunset program to continue until when, procedures for terminated programs.
23.292. State agencies and officers to provide assistance to committee, when.
23.295. Division of workforce development to assist displaced employees.
23.298. Rights and duties not affected by sunsetting of programs.

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