Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 26
Governor and Lieutenant Governor


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Adjutant general, senior assistant adjutant general may perform duties under direction of the governor, when, 41.150
Amber alert system oversight committee, governor's appointments, 210.1014
Board of fund commissioners, governor a member, 33.300
Board of public buildings, governor a member, 8.010
Board of tobacco settlement financing authority, governor and lieutenant governor to serve as members, 8.520
Budget, governor shall prepare for general assembly, 33.250, 33.260
Civil defense, powers and duties of governor, Chap. 44
Disasters, fund, powers, 44.032
Emergency powers of governor, 44.100
Execution of death sentence, governor to order or suspend, when, 546.820
Executive orders to be published in the Missouri Register, 536.035
Flight log records of elected officials after flight complete, open record, 610.175
Governor's unit citation, military award, 41.594
Holidays, governor to issue proclamation, when, 9.030 (Jefferson Day), 9.035 (Truman Day), 9.060 (Flag Day), 9.080 (Korean War Veterans Day), 9.138 (Math, Engineering, Technology, and Science Week), 9.139 (Parent and Family Involvement in Education Week), 9.140 (Missouri Lifelong Learning Month), 9.160 (Alzheimer''s Awareness Day), 9.163 (Rosa Parks Day), 9.167 (Girl Scout Day)
Martial law, governor may declare, 41.480
Military forces, governor is commander in chief, 41.120
Military preparedness and enhancement commission, governor to appoint certain members, 41.1010
Official bonds, governor may order suit on, 107.140
Police commissioners, governor to appoint, 84.030, 84.360
Quarantine, governor may order to control contagious animal diseases, 267.240, 267.250
Regulation of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
Small business ombudsman, air pollution compliance, 643.175
State deposits in bank in which governor is stockholder prohibited, 30.440
State real property title to vest in governor, exceptions-- procedure to convey, 37.005
State treasurer's bond, governor to examine, 30.050
Tobacco settlement moneys, governor's authority to sell or assign state's share, 8.535
Vacancies in office, governor to fill by appointment, 105.030 to 105.050
Vacancy in office of state treasurer, governor to take charge, 30.060
26.010 Salaries of governor and lieutenant governor.
26.015. Terms of office.
26.020. Secretarial and clerical assistants of governor and lieutenant governor and their compensation.
26.030. Governor may veto appropriations--extent--exceptions.
26.040. Governor may purchase lands at sales under proceedings to which state is party.
26.050. Governor may sell such lands and execute deed.
26.055. Governor may convey lands acquired at sale under distress warrant.
26.060. Governor to select auditors.
26.070. Officials shall permit audit.
26.080. Penalty for refusal to permit audit.
26.090. Expense of audit.
26.101. Use of facsimile signature by governor authorized.
26.130. Governor may designate state agency to investigate and promote state's interests in connection with federal projects in Missouri.
26.135. Governor may accept retrocession of jurisdiction over federal land, when.
26.140. Identification cards for consular officers--vehicle identification plates--unauthorized use a misdemeanor.
26.215. Transition funds and facilities for governor and lieutenant governor.
26.220. Governor and lieutenant governor transition period defined.
26.225. Transition facilities to be provided for governor and lieutenant governor.
26.301. Member of board or commission who moves out of state deemed to have vacated position.
26.500. Governor may submit plans for reorganization of executive agencies.
26.510. Plans, when effective--disapproval by resolution, when.
26.520. Plan submitted to vote, when.
26.530. Approved plan to have effect of law, published how.
26.540. Plans limited to certain matters.

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